Chris Hemsworth Expresses Gratitude & Happiness In Heartwarming Family Christmas Photos

Chris Hemsworth Expresses Gratitude & Happiness In Heartwarming Family Christmas Photos

In a jolly photo of the entire family, the Thor actor was hilariously left out by his wife Elsa Pataky and family members.

Image Source: Instagram/elsapatakyconfidential, chrishemsworth

Avengers star Chris Hemsworth and spouse Elsa Pataky had a total blast on Christmas eve as the couple invited both their families for dinner. They had a festive gathering at their Byron Bay mansion on a sun-soaked Christmas meal in Australia, reports Metro. It was Hemsworth and Pataky's first family filled Christmas in their luxurious beach-side mansion in Australia. The partners have been together for almost a decade as they welcomed a 15+ family guest list for the holiday meal and the photos tell us the whole story.


People are in a hard place when they are separated from their loved ones. The hustle of modern life and our individual paths have split many a family up, but the holidays always bring them together. This is the spirit of Christmas that never fails to comfort us every year.


Hemsworth and Pataky's holiday photos bring out the classic family vibes that you find in households during Christmas. They're seen involving themselves in all sorts of festive shenanigans and just, in short, having a great time. The pictures show them decorating their Christmas tree with vitamin bottles and there are several poses during their wild lunchtime session. Their photos show the true feeling of joy that a large and loving family brings to each when they get together for the holidays.


Daily Mail reported that Chris was joined by his brothers Luke and his wife Samantha, as well as his now-single actor brother, Liam. Their parents also made it for the gathering. According to reports Hemsworth had been feeling like he was missing his family for quite some time now and that this Christmas gathering made up for it. The Thor actor revealed in an interview on 7News Sunrise that he would like to take some time off his hectic schedule and was going to spend much more time with his family. He'd mentioned that he'd been constantly working for a long time until he realized that he definitely needs a break to "enjoy the moment." 


"I'm going to take some time off now - probably six to eight months - and just be at home," he said. "I had a real, sort of, come down off the back of that press tour for Avengers and it was the most intense three weeks," he added."I realized that for so long I'd been sort of looking to the future and chasing what next... and then it hit me that, well, this is it. The thing that I've worked for and dreamt of doing, and I've just got to enjoy this moment," he said.


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