Town Gets Covered In Chocolate 'Rain' After Factory Malfunction

Town Gets Covered In Chocolate 'Rain' After Factory Malfunction

On Friday, the famous chocolate company Lindt & Sprüngli confirmed the news to local reporters.

Image Source: Facebook/Olten

For chocolate lovers, waking up to a town dusted with chocolate powder is indeed a dream they must have had when they were a child. But this childhood fantasy reportedly became a reality for some residents in Olten, Switzerland. On Friday, the famous chocolate company Lindt & Sprüngli confirmed the news to local reporters explaining the reason behind this desired anomaly. Apparently, there was a defect in the cooling ventilation for a line in one of their roasted cocoa nibs. According to the Associated Press, this happened in the Swiss chocolatier and confectionery company's factory in Olten, much to the delight of its residents.



Soon the Twitter account for the town of Olten, which lies between two larger cities of Zurich and Basel, posted pictures of the surrounding area's surface covered with the dust of chocolate. The tweet translated to, Cocoa rain in the Olten industrial quarter: the ventilation system is to blame. Users quickly began responding to the unique news about the "chocolate snow" in the comment section. While some couldn't stop marveling at the uniqueness of the occurrence others were quick to note how this may be among some of the only good news we can expect from 2020.



Cloudy with a chance of truffles? wrote shosganaflax. 2020 is turning around, shared another. Philip Ardagh expressed: If only God would give us a sign that 2020 might just be turning a corner... Another hilariously added: I've spent 6 weeks trying to lose weight, now you've tweeted this & I've put 1/2 stone back on just by reading the headline! While user J Williams shared: Do you predict a massive cherry landing on top?, user Petra van Cronenburg revealed: Our photographer on site: It even caught two otherwise snow-capped mountains, everything dark with chocolate!



According to the Associated Press, the nibs are fragments of crushed cocoa beans that serves as the basis of processed chocolate. Due to the combination of a ventilation error and high winds on Friday, the chocolate powder spread throughout the area. Ultimately, the fine dust-like chocolate particles settled on the surface of the area surrounding the factory. Speaking to the outlet, the Swiss chocolate company shared that a car was left lightly coated with chocolate right after the incident. They reportedly even offered to pay for any necessary cleaning but said that the offer is yet to be taken by the other party. They also noted that the factory has resumed its normal functions shortly after undergoing a ventilation system repair. Lindt & Sprüngli added that the chocolate particles were harmless to the environment and the residents around the area. 



This delectable incident comes shortly after another one when the residents of the northern Italian town of Castelvetro were delighted to discover red wine flowing from their kitchen sinks. This was no divine intervention, but an accidental occurrence that supplied wine instead of water to the plumbing of people's homes in a small village near Modena, Italy. On March 4, residents in Castelvetro found themselves quickly saving the precious Lambrusco that was pouring from their faucets and showerheads after a malfunction occurred at a local winery Lambrusco Grasparossa.


The supply, which lasted only for a few hours, ended up leaking 1,000 liters of its ready-to-be-bottled wine into the water pipes. The Cantina Settecani winery explained how the malfunction was caused due to a faulty valve in the washing circuit within the bottling line. Giorgia Mezzacqui, the deputy manager of Castelvetro, which is situated about ten miles south of Modena, revealed that the malfunction lasted for about three hours and impacted nearly 20 homes in the area. Taking to its Facebook page, the local government updated residents in the area about the leak and assured that it didn't pose any health risks.


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