Reckless Tourists Caught Throwing Rocks To 'Wake Up' A Giant Panda Inside The Zoo

Reckless Tourists Caught Throwing Rocks To 'Wake Up' A Giant Panda Inside The Zoo

Eyewitnesses at Beijing Zoo have reported that some tourists had been throwing rocks at a Giant Panda to wake it up from its slumber.

Contrary to popular belief, zoos aren't always the safest place for animals. Often you hear stories such as this one, where a group of mischievous visitors would taunt and trouble the animals. Zoo authorities around the world have confirmed that some time or the other, there is always a rogue or two who want to disturb the animals in any way they can. In most cases, the easiest way is to throw projectiles at the animal. 

A popular zoo in Beijing, China has just reported news of a few tourists attempting to wake a giant panda up by throwing rocks at it. An eyewitness had seen two tourists throwing rocks on the animal, which was resting with its eyes shut. Luckily, the zoo authorities have said that that the panda is unhurt and went about its daily activities like usual.



The panda, who usually sleeps a good 12 hours every day was seen sitting down and just lazing about when it was attacked by the rocks, in the film captured by the eyewitness. According to the one who saw this incident, the two tourists threw rocks at the panda over a space of 30 minutes, in an effort to wake it up and get it moving.

The video shows the rock falling near the panda, hitting it before landing near it. It doesn't show the rocks thrown by the second person, but the eyewitness confirmed that two tourists definitely took part in this troublesome prank. 



This wonderful panda nicknamed Meng Da by the zookeepers lives in the Panda pavilion at Beijing Zoo. The pavilion was constructed in the year 2008 by the zoo to celebrate the Olympics held in China in the same year.

This unfortunate incident took place when the panda was within the pavilion. The eyewitness who captured the video told Beijing News that the tourists clearly intended to wake up the panda by throwing rocks at it.  She (the eyewitness) also urged the zoo to upgrade its facilities to better protect its pandas. 



Beijing News also got a testimonial from a spokesperson at the zoo who reported that the zookeepers immediately assessed the issue on Saturday and prevented any more tourists from throwing objects and food at animals. In a post on its official Weibo account today, the zoo said, Meng Da the Panda, had been eating, excreting, moving around and playing as usual.

It seems that this incident seemed to have no impact on its behavior, and that's a good thing. Whilst wild animals are not always particular on holding grudges, one must definitely exercise caution in dealing with their spontaneous reactions. The zoo also said they have plans to renovate the panda pavilion's 'stadium'. The authorities said incidents like these cannot be allowed to repeat, and they will be extra vigilant at all times when the zoo is open to the public. It issued one final statement to the visitors urging everyone to observe animals in a 'civilized' manner. 



The tourists definitely did not act in a civilized manner, even more so considering that the Panda is a national symbol of China. Pandas are protected as critically endangered species. You can not own a Panda-bear as it is banned by Chinese laws forbidding private ownership.

Pandas are unique creatures who rely primarily on spatial memory rather than visual memory. Though the panda is often assumed to be docile, it has been known to attack humans, presumably out of irritation rather than aggression. Well, looks like dear Meng Da didn't have any such thoughts, and calmly went about its business even though it was treated horribly by these tourists. It would have gotten worse for the Panda and the tourists had the animal reacted violently. 


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