Man Rescues Over 2,000 Dogs From Being Killed, Turns Slaughterhouse Into Safe Haven For Animals

Man Rescues Over 2,000 Dogs From Being Killed, Turns Slaughterhouse Into Safe Haven For Animals

In honor of his cherished pup who passed away 3 years ago, Chinese millionaire Wang Yan has spent over 400,000$ to purchase a dog-slaughterhouse and rescued over 2,000 dogs

Most of us are well aware of the terrible dog-meat trade that goes on in several parts of the world. China, South Korea and various nations in South-East Asia are always on the news for their normalization of dog-meat. China, especially, is notorious for butchering dogs for meat, and strays are often the first target for the slaughterhouses. 

The issue has caused a giant uproar in the West and many have criticized the Chinese government for their condoning of this culture which is viewed as a taboo in most other parts of the world.  As many as 10,000 dogs, including stolen dogs, are slaughtered every year for cultural purposes and for the dog-meat trade.

This is most prevalent in the largely rural and poor Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, to mark the summer solstice during the Yulin Dog Meat Festival.



However, not everyone in China is okay with this. Recently, a Chinese millionaire by the name of Wang Yan bought a dog-slaughterhouse and saved as many as 2,000 dogs from getting killed. Wang reportedly paid over $400,000 on building an animal rescue center in Changchun city, northeast China's Jinlin province.

He has also spent an enormous amount of money on dog-food, and medical treatment to care for the dogs. 29-year-old Wang established himself as a wealthy individual due to his success in running a steel empire. The Chinese steel industry boomed nearly two decades ago and Wang made his fortune through it. 



When reporters inquired as to why he spent a major portion of his life's savings to undertake this initiative, Wang said that it was because his own dog had gone missing previously, and he had looked for it everywhere but couldn't find it.

He then decided to go try his luck at a slaughterhouse. Though he didn't find his dog there, he was appalled and deeply saddened by the treatment of all the other hundreds of dogs over there. “I went looking everywhere, but all to no avail, Finally, someone let me go into the slaughterhouse to try my luck there.”



Wang recalled that he had stayed around the slaughterhouse for a week but was unable to find his lost dog. However, the horrible scenes of the bloody slaughter of all the other dogs had a deep impact on him.

So he decided to invest a giant chunk of his wealth to save these poor dogs from their terrible fate. When asked if others are helping him with this initiative, Wang calmly replied that "I don’t accept monetary donations, I only hope that kind-hearted people will be able to donate a few supplies to help."



He bought the slaughterhouse and all the dogs there, moved them to the center he built and took care of them until they found loving families willing to adopt them. At one point he had almost 2,000 dogs living there, but due to the rapid rate of adoption, there are now only just about 200 still left there.

That's great news indeed! It shows that while the dog-meat trade is still taking place in China, it's not without fierce opposition from the people. Even in Korea, the situation has dramatically turned from complete consent and normalizing dog-slaughter to half the population protesting against this practice. While it is unsure if China will cease their dog-meat trade and culture anytime soon, we can definitely see signs of change as more people are protesting this practice. 


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