You Can Now Buy The Sweet Valley High Books From The 80s Again

You Can Now Buy The Sweet Valley High Books From The 80s Again

When the Sweet Valley High series' first book Double Love came out in 1984, we were left captivated.

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Before 90s television gems like Beverly Hills, 90210, teens everywhere immersed themselves in the drama-packed books of Sweet Valley High. Most of you who were in middle or high school back in the 80s, surely must have spent hours reading author Francine Pascal's novels hundreds of times, and why not? It allowed us to obsess over the California social circles and find an escape into a fantasy world. When the Sweet Valley High series' first book Double Love came out in 1984, we were left captivated. The story was about Jessica Wakefield who "connives to steal Todd Wilkins, Sweet Valley High's star basketball player, away from her twin sister Elizabeth."



At that point in time, there was nothing more satisfying than visiting the library to get our hands on the latest book and reading it as quickly as we could to be prepared for the next installment. However, as we grew older, we either gave up our collection to make room for new ones or shared it with some else. The precious 80s collection dwindled as we replaced it with other trendy things. Nonetheless, reading those books after years today is sure to bring unparalleled joy and remind us of those nostalgic good old days. The books are available on Amazon, so head over to the online store to reignite your old memories. Double Love's paperback version is priced at $84.01, and the mass market paperback is for $20.93. If the price seems too steep, then you could always go for the $2.99 Kindle version. 



Several users in the US left comments expressing their satisfaction after revisiting one of their childhood fascinations. User Kristin, who regarded the book as a blast from the past, wrote: The Sweet Valley books were my absolute favorite books when I was younger. I started out reading Sweet Valley Kids, then Sweet Valley Twins, Sweet Valley High, and finally Sweet Valley University. I couldn't wait to go to the bookstore so I could pick up the newest Sweet Valley book and I tore through it as soon as I bought it. I ended up selling all of my books a long time ago, back when I thought I would never pick them up again. Boy, was I wrong! I wish I had them back but thankfully, we are able to get at least some of the Sweet Valley High books as Kindle books. I was so excited that I bought the first book so I could reminisce about the days when I would get caught up in the world of Sweet Valley. I had such a fun time reading this book that I may have to buy the others for my Kindle. I think these books are great for today's high school age girls who would like to read a good series that their moms may have read. I highly recommend them!



Another user Sarah shared: This is the first is the re-issued Sweet Valley High series which have been updated somewhat to match changes in technology and other things. Elizabeth wants Todd for a boyfriend but Jessica has set her sights on him already. The entire volume is Elizabeth being sad because it seems her sister and Todd are a couple, but appearances are not always what they seem to be. We also see how Jessica can be very reckless in her behavior, accepting a ride from a boy who has a bad reputation. We also learn that she can be very deceptive and doesn't always think of the effects her deception might have on her sister. It's a good opening to the revised series.



Amazon also has the other editions of Sweet Valley High namely Secrets, Playing with Fire, Best Friends, Kidnapped by the Cult, The Boyfriend War, Malibu Summer, and so on. 

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