Raw Chicken Breast ‘Comes Back To Life' And Crawls Off Restaurant Table

Raw Chicken Breast ‘Comes Back To Life' And Crawls Off Restaurant Table

The truly shocking video shows a piece of raw chicken 'coming to life' and bouncing on its table before falling on the ground in a restaurant.

In what appears to be a freaky and bizarre viral video, a piece of raw chicken meat has been seen 'coming to life' and bouncing on a table inside a restaurant. The piece of meat is quite big and it appeared to bounce a few times, as if it were a living organism that's reacting to external stimuli, before tossing itself off the table and into the ground. Though the video is quite short, we can hear someone screaming in fright in the video upon gazing at this zombie-like chicken piece.



The precise location or name of the restaurant in which this 'poultrygeist' activity has been spotted is unknown, but from the looks of the decor in the place, it appears to be a restaurant from an Asian country. 





As the video began to do the rounds on social media, scores of people reacted and posted their comments online. Many were naturally freaked out by the video, I mean how can you not be?

Imagine just sitting down your favorite restaurant and enjoying a tasty meal when your 'food' suddenly starts to move or twitch.. or bounce and do a flip onto the floor like this piece of meat did. 





Some were definitely amused by it. Whether they thought it's some kind of a visual gimmick or something of the sort, they were clearly laughing their socks off at this footage. Lastly, we have those who acknowledge that various meats tend to react in such a manner when exposed to certain seasonings or elements. Also, some claim that it wasn't chicken meat but the meat of some other animal, maybe frog meat or beef. 







This isn't the first time we've heard stories and seen videos of bizarre sights like these. One piece of footage taken in Guangzhou, Southern China, shows a large chunk of beef twitching furiously while hanging in a butcher shop. And in another case, a chicken in Thailand was seen to be alive and conscious even after having its entire head chopped off.

Well, now you know where the term 'headless chicken' comes from. Pretty scary huh?! And weird, mostly. Anyway, there's definitely a biological explanation for these incidents, mostly to do with the nervous systems of these animals and their state during the moment of slaughter. 




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