'It Completely Expresses Who I Am': Cher Announces Her New Line Of Genderless Perfumes!

'It Completely Expresses Who I Am': Cher Announces Her New Line Of Genderless Perfumes!

Since the launch of her first perfume Uninhabited in 1987, Cher has come up with her latest creation which is yet to be launched.

Cher has finally come out with a new line of fragrance which she describes as the "genderless scent."  She had collaborated with Parfums Stern Company in 1987 when she decided to launch her first ever line of perfumes which was discontinued the same year. After what seems to be more than thirty years the Grammy-winning artist has decided to give it another shot and this time the alliance is with ScentBeauty which is the world's first multi-brand e-commerce platform for bespoke fragrances. 


This news was announced by Cher the day after she had celebrated her 73rd birthday. The artist's named her signature perfume Eau de Couture, which interestingly signifies her come back to the perfume industry since her 1987 perfume Uninhibited, which hardly lasted two years in the industry. So what makes it different this time around? The approach the singer took while selecting the fragrance was very different since the last time.


"This is a genderless scent. I made it for people who love perfume and want to smell good and for people who feel that it’s part of who they are," she revealed during a press release of the perfume. With slight hints, of bergamot, jasmine, vanilla, neroli, and vetiver, it should make a difference reports PEOPLE. "I like vanilla. It’s very touchy-feely. It makes you want to hold yourself," she added. Cher put in a lot of work to ensure the product was worth purchasing and checked every aspect of it from scent to the packaging of the bottle, she left no leaf unturned.


"I have worked on this fragrance for the last four years. It is a labor of love and I am especially happy to announce this the day after my birthday," she announced. The product awaits it's launch as Cher confirmed via a tweet that she will be sharing it with the world once she is ready. ' CHER…EAU DE COUTURE” I’VE BEEN WORKING ON MY PERFUME FOR FOUR YEARS MY ”ONE” CRITERIA…..“WHEN” I” TO WEAR IT…I’LL BE READY TO SHARE IT” I WEAR IT EVERY DAY,' she wrote in a Twitter post. The collaborators, ScentBeauty, on Cher's latest project reportedly said that the perfume will be hitting the websites later this fall of 2019. 


We have great hopes from this latest creation as Cher herself says that she has been wearing the perfume any chance she gets. "This too is a milestone in my career as an artist. It completely expresses who I am, and I wear it every day," she said. "I know there are people who don’t want to have anything on them, but I cannot even go to that place," she added. Cher has the power to turn any crumbling mess into a triumphant story of success and that's what we are hoping to get from her latest venture.


Cherilyn Sarkisian recently celebrated her birthday on Monday, while thanking her fans for all the good wishes. She wrote: THANK U 4 UR, & SUPPORT. U HAVE BEEN THERE IN MY DARK HRS 2 GIVE ME PEP TALKS,BEEN THERE 2 SHARE EXCITING & FUN TIMES, MY OUTBURSTS AGAINST THE, MY OUTRAGE AGAINST INHUMANITY, MY OF ART, MY SURPRISE SUCCESS AT 73,& & SUPPORT4 MY PLAY ”THE CHER SHOW" The pop star recently made a comeback before celebrating her birthday on her "Here we go again" tour. 


From several video montages that were shot in the due course of her tour surfaced one where she is heard saying, "I’ve never really been accepted by singers as a singer, and actors don’t think of me as an actor. I actually succeeded at everything I ever tried, and yet I’m not part of any of the groups," said Cher, according to Rolling Stone. The fearless style and confidence of this singer have inspired many and her latest concert is proof of that. Of course, Cher created a lasting impression not only on her fans who worship her but also on several celebrities who have been inspired by her creative, sexy, and fashionable looks. 


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