Mom Arrested After Drowning Two Little Girls Because Their Organs Were "Worth A Lot Of Money"

Mom Arrested After Drowning Two Little Girls Because Their Organs Were "Worth A Lot Of Money"

Amanda Sharp-Jefferson is facing two counts of murder after her daughters, 1-year-old Rose Singleton and 2-month-old Lily were found dead.

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In a shocking incident, a mother was arrested on charges of drowning her two infant daughters because their organs were "worth a lot of money." Amanda Sharp-Jefferson is facing two counts of murder charges after her daughters, 1-year-old Rose Singleton, and 2-month-old Lily, was found lifeless in their Las Vegas home last week. It was the girls' devastated father, Jaykwon Singleton, who found the lifeless bodies of the girls on Friday afternoon, reports KTNV. According to authorities in Las Vegas, Singleton called 911 and reported the matter following the grim discovery. While on call, he could be heard asking Sharp-Jefferson, "What did you do?" according to the arrest report. He can then be heard saying, "what," and after a moment of silence, he revealed, "she drowned them...I feel like their mom drowned them or something."


On arrival at the apartment on Sierra Vista Drive, near Maryland Parkway and Desert Inn Road, police found the kids stacked on top of each other in a bassinet in the living area, according to Fox5Vegas. The children were pronounced dead on the scene but their cause of death is yet to be released by the coroner's office. Singleton told officers that Sharp-Jefferson "shushed" him when he asked her why the girls were stacked on top of each other. Eventually, when the father checked on Rose and Lily he realized their bodies were cold and that they were not breathing. "[Sharp-Jefferson] kept shushing him and at one point, made a statement that their organs were worth a lot of money," said the arrest report. 


Even when medical professionals arrived on the scene, Sharp-Jefferson was heard saying how much the children's body parts may be worth. She was then transported to the LVMPD headquarters for questioning, partly for her safety because angry family members were said to be arriving at the scene. Speaking to the officers, Jaykwon revealed that he began a relationship with Sharp-Jefferson in 2018 and that there had not been any unusual behavior until a few weeks ago. She alleged that Jaykwon had been cheating on her "with his spirit wife" and spoke about "the altar spirit world." Then on Thursday Singleton left the apartment to visit his grandmother as everything seemed "fine" and normal to him. But when he returned on Friday, he was appalled to see his girls lying dead in their home. 


When investigators questioned Sharp-Jefferson, she denied knowing Singleton or having any children. She also claimed to be living alone in the apartment. Sharp-Jefferson then said that she woke up on Friday at 10 a.m. and found these two children in her living room who appeared to be dead. Instead of calling for help, she decided to take a shower and told officers that she "likes showers." While being interrogated, Sharp-Jefferson said she believes someone might have planted the toys, their strollers, and the children in the apartment and that it was all done to "set her up for the death of the two children, who were not her."


When questioned about her comment on the kids' body parts at the apartment, she said, according to the report, that it was something she had seen in a movie where people made a lot of money with body parts after a person died. "Amanda described the children to be of a darker skin and one of the kids to have foam coming out of its mouth," said the police report according to Daily Mail. Although she denied ingesting alcohol or any drugs, Sharp-Jefferson revealed that some marijuana may be found inside their apartment. It's not known if the woman suffers from a mental illness, but Lieutenant Ray Spencer of the Las Vegas Metro Police Department said he "would definitely not rule that out at this point." She was granted a public defender, according to KTNV, and is due for a bail hearing on November 12. A preliminary hearing has also been scheduled for 9 a.m. November 24.

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