'Hero' Cat Arthur Dies Protecting Two Young Children From Australia's Most Deadly Snake

'Hero' Cat Arthur Dies Protecting Two Young Children From Australia's Most Deadly Snake

The kids were playing with the cat in the back garden of their home when a dangerous Eastern brown snake slithered in.

Image Source: Facebook/Animal Emergency Service

As humans, we often fail to understand the love our pet animals have in their hearts for us. But one cat in Australia proved to his family that his affection for them was unconditional even if it meant endangering himself. Arthur, a tabby cat, tragically passed away while fighting off a deadly snake while protecting two young children in the process. According to Daily Mail, the kids were playing with the cat in the garden situated behind their Queensland home when Australia's most dangerous snake slithered in right beside them. But before it could do the kids any harm, Arthur jumped into action. 




The Eastern brown snake is listed as Australia's deadliest snake by Australian Geographic. Apparently, the brown ones are responsible for more deaths in the country than any other snakes. They are known for being highly aggressive, extremely quick, and for having a bad temper. Its venom is the second most toxic among land snakes in the world. Thus, the situation could have turned quite critical for the kids had Arthur not obstructed the snake in its way. According to the outlet, the hero feline bravely fought off the snake, eventually killing it.  



Unfortunately, he got bitten by it in the process. Although the cat had collapsed following the fatal fight, he immediately recovered as if nothing had happened. However, by the following morning, the poison had spread across Arthur's body and when his family found him, the poor animal was unable to get up shortly after collapsing. Although he was rushed to the Tanawha Hospital on the Sunshine Coast immediately, nothing could be done because it was too late. Animal Emergency Service in Brisbane, Queensland, revealed that the tawny's owners were in a state of devastation when they found their pet in the deplorable state. 




According to Daily Mail, they even paid a tribute to Arthur for his incredible bravery on social media. In loving memory of Arthur, the four-legged hero. Heroes come in all shapes and sizes! Arthur, an adorable domestic shorthair cat was playing in the backyard with his family, following his two little hoomans around when danger slithered right up to the young children, it began. Arthur received a fatal envenomation snake bite. In the chaos of getting the children out of the yard, no-one saw the actual bite, but Arthur collapsed and quickly recovered like nothing was wrong not long after. Collapse events like this is a common symptom of snake bites, although not a well-known symptom amongst pet owners.



Unfortunately, Arthur’s symptoms were too severe to recover. It was with the heaviest of hearts his owners had to leave Arthur after he gained his angel wings. His family, understandably devastated, remember him fondly and are forever grateful he saved the children’s lives. Arthur was always getting into mischief; he had previously visited us before having been in accidents and was very much loved by our team. Rest in peace Arthur, our little hero. Love from the Animal Emergency Service Tanawha Team, it concluded.




According to Australian Geographic, the Inland taipan has the most toxic venom out of all land snakes as it can kill an adult within 45 minutes. However, the rare and reclusive snake is listed at number four on Australia's top deadliest snakes as it hardly bites anyone. After the Eastern brown, the Western brown snake is the most deadly in Australia. Although they are less aggressive than the Eastern Browns, they are highly dangerous. But it's the Tiger snakes that are responsible for the second-highest number of bites in the country, as its bite could be fatal if not treated. 

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