Can't Find A Place To Sit? Wearable Chairs Are A Thing Now!

Can't Find A Place To Sit? Wearable Chairs Are A Thing Now!

LEX, a wearable chair, is designed to act as "an extension of your body" providing you a seating arrangement whenever and wherever you need it.

There are days when your feet just give up on you, and you just want to take a seat, but alas there are nowhere to be found. However, that's all about to change.  Tech Insider posted a tweet about an innovative wearable chair that can be used basically anywhere.  Yes, you read that right. According to Insider, the seat known as LEX is designed to act as "an extension of your body" using "aerospace-grade aluminum."



This ingenious product is sure to come in handy for those who commute using public transportation. Just thinking about the crowded spaces and the lengthy waiting periods is enough to tire someone out. And LEX seems like the perfect solution for it.  Even the creator of this personal seat, Astride Bionix, regards his invention as a means to change the way people travel to and fro to their workplace.  This product is could be a game-changer.





Unlike many new inventions, LEX is pretty easy to use. According to Triblive, you need to fasten the product around your thighs and waist while keeping the attached seat resting on your rear.  




Attached to the seat are two metal legs which would either dangle in the air as the wearer is walking or become rigid and maintain your weight once it's clipped on. Besides this, it is incredibly easy to convert it into a seat, and vice versa.  It apparently only takes a mere 30 seconds to buckle up and that's quite impressive. 


Now, you don't have to worry about the product weighing you down as it's just 3 pounds and can easily support up to 265 pounds. In addition to its ease of use, the company also mentions how using LEX "encourages good posture to reduce back pain." Although this innovative chair is being  crowdfunded on Kickstarter at the moment, it is available for pre-order for about Β£189 ($338.) So, why stand for hours when you easily seat yourself practically anywhere you want? 




However, not everyone agrees. Twitter user @TychoBrahe wrote: It shows a dude wearing this thing waiting for the bus with it, but it doesn't show him sitting down in the bus once it arrives, because he can't sit down in a regular chair. While @MaxKennerly poked fun at it stating: A lot of products that get made fun of as silly or lazy can be life-changing for people with disabilities. But this "wearable chair" seems to be the exact opposite: a person can't use it unless they can carry extra weight, are fully ambulatory, and can balance at an angle.













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