Narcissist Mom Marries SIL While Daughter Was On Death Bed: "I Can't Call Her Mother Anymore"

Narcissist Mom Marries SIL While Daughter Was On Death Bed: "I Can't Call Her Mother Anymore"

Kamylla de Melo remained unaware of the betrayal of her husband and mom for the most part as she was hospitalized for 78 days.

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A woman from Brazil shared a shocking account of how her mother went behind her back and stole her life while she was on the death bed. Kamylla de Melo, a resident of Pernambuco, Brazil, was left shocked after realizing that her heartless mother and had a secret affair with her husband while she was battling for her life in the intensive care. Kamylla remained unaware of this betrayal for the most part as she was hospitalized for 78 days. The day she was discharged she was told that not only did the two have an affair but also went ahead and tied the knot.


Opening up to a Brazilian news outlet noamazonaseassim about the traumatic experiences she had growing up with her narcissistic mother, Kamylla said, "As a teenager, my mother first started to compete with me. She was only 20 years older than me and said that my clothes were better suited to her, that her food was better. Nothing I did was good enough." Little did she expect that her mother's alleged "narcissism" would end up disrupting her married life. Kamylla was just 25 when she got married and following pregnancy, things began getting complicated, reports Mirror


"When I was 25, I fell in love with a boy ten years older than me. We got married in August 2013 and, the following year, our now six-year-old son was born from a complicated pregnancy," she said, adding that she had to undergo a bariatric surgery during the time. "At the end of 2017, I needed to have bariatric surgery. The idea was not to lose weight but to take care of my hormonal rates. After operating, I had a stroke and needed to be hospitalized again," she recalled. During this vulnerable time, both her mom and husband began having an affair while she remained hospitalized.


"During this period, my mother - I swear I can't call her a mother anymore - went to my house to help my husband take care of my son who at the time, was 4 years old. My father had stayed in the interior of Pernambuco with my younger brother," she said. "Only later did I learn that in the four months I spent in the hospital, much of the time between life and death, my ex had only visited me twice and my mother, none." The blow was intensified because, in addition, to her own mother, the love of her life had also crushed her heart with infidelity.

Eventually, when Kamylla recovered and was fit enough to return home, her father had arrived at the hospital to help her get back on March 22, 2018. This is when she received the devastating news. Describing the news as the "worst pain of my life. And it wasn't physical," she continued, "Without much ado, my father, who had already taken my son, said that his wife and my husband were having an affair. It looked like he was being stabbed in the chest, a mixture of disappointment and disbelief."

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Understandably she found herself in a state of disbelief and decided to call her mom to hear it straight from her. "I called my mother," she said. "Very nervous, I said that I had left the hospital, that I was alive and asked if it was true that they were together. The answer? That yes, together and very happy. I couldn't believe what I heard." During the interview, she revealed that the pair is now married and that her son visits his father and grandmother on a weekly basis following a court order. "My son stays with his father two or three times a week, by court order. It is not easy, but I am obliged to allow my little one to live with this toxic and harmful relationship," she added.


Kamylla’s mother is in no way bothered about the emotional damage her daughter had to deal with as she loves flaunting her relationship with her son-in-law who is now her husband. "I recently learned that my mother is keen to celebrate their relationship anniversary on March 2, without even disguising that she started going out with my then-husband while I was in the hospital," shared Kamylla. It took her quite some time to heal her heart and the journey was not easy. She grew up with a toxic mom who constantly belittled her and then stole her husband and father of her child. But after she finally focused on finding true happiness within herself, she found love again. "Almost two years after I separated, I found a nice guy and started dating. We have been together for 10 months, in a respectful and ethical relationship. I have a beautiful and close family, my father is loving and my son is perfect," she said of her new relationship.


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