This Cafe Serves Coffee With A Cloud Of Cotton Candy That Rains Sugar

This Cafe Serves Coffee With A Cloud Of Cotton Candy That Rains Sugar

The outlet has come up with the most Instagram-worthy dessert coffee which is beautiful beyond words.

Now that Foodgram is a thing, businessmen are focusing more on its appearance than the actual experience. People would get anything that could fetch them a few extra likes on Instagram and keeping this concept in mind a restaurant in Shanghai has come up with a surgery ball of cloud that rains sweet crystals onto your coffee. One thing's for sure it looks beautiful and magical.


After several Internet food sensations like the unicorn frappuccino, or the rainbow bagels, and even the black colored ice cream comes a creation which will surely get you the likes that you have been yearning for. If you're all about the beauty rather than the practicality then be assured that this cup of coffee right here is best suited for your fashionable tastebuds.


This particular coffee is known as 'Sweet Little Rain' and why not? It does deliver what the name says. Several bloggers who have visited this cafe have expressed that they maintain really high standards and that one must visit it. Now let's dive into the description the dessert. Apart from your regular coffee cup and saucer, the tray is has a polished stand that supports an extended wooden skewer.


The cotton candy that creates the cloud-like effect is supported perfectly by the wooden skewer and is placed right above a steaming cup of hot coffee. As the hot steam rises it perfectly melts the cloud resulting in a sweet shower which continues for some time. However, people have pointed out how because of a huge bale of cotton candy placed above the cup makes the sugar crystals melt and drop everywhere, leaving a stinky and not so appetizing feeling behind.


Legendary chefs like Heston Blumenthal, believe in providing the complete experience. From narrating a story to the comfort of eating he provides it all. But the most important thing that he never compromises with is the quality and flavor. His food is way beyond the years of this Instagramming world. So if you try to match this latest creation with his expertise you'll surely be disappointed. 


There are some who are all for this new food trend. According to them, every lip-smacking dish is a little messy and hence they don't mind this being the same. A Reddit post that contained this picture said: This coffee is served with a cloud of "cotton candy", the coffee vapor rises to dissolve the "cotton candy" and the cloud begins to rain with sugar over the coffee. Coffee "mellow" in Shanghai, China. Now, this inviting description could make any dessert lover weak at their knees. 


The cafe also has its own Facebook page which conveys its objective very clearly: In accordance with the superior quality of specialty coffee, mellower coffee has devoted to spread specialty coffee culture. People had divided opinions on this whole creative beverage. A Redditor, BLITZCRUNK123 wrote: I guess this pretty true to the spirit of food porn: it's unrealistic, impractical, but it's a fun fantasy and at least looks really good. Monashee wrote: This is so whimsical, I love it.


Another Redditor, zizzor23, didn't seem to be convinced by this whole thing posted: Yeah, it looks like something you’d put on your Instagram, have once, and then never go back again. Or go to that place and order something else if you really liked the coffee. While RealStumbleweed was on the edge about things: That looks extremely cool but that’s gonna take forever to get enough sugar in the coffee. I drink mine without so I would be fine but I’m with u/slashing164 - I just want my coffee please. Reshkaus had a hilarious approach: Why is "cotton candy" in quotes? Is it not that? Is someone poisoning their coffee?"


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