Man Installs His Late Wife's Life-Size Statue In The Home She Always Dreamed Of Owning

Man Installs His Late Wife's Life-Size Statue In The Home She Always Dreamed Of Owning

Videos and photos of the housewarming ceremony have gone viral and the Twitterverse was all praise for Srinivas Gupta's demonstration of love for his wife.

Image Source: Facebook/Parag Hede

A businessman from India is winning over the Twitterverse with his unique tribute to his late wife. Srinivas Gupta, a businessman from the southwestern state of India, proved to everyone that true love lasts forever after he installed a life-size silicone statue of his late wife, MVK Madhavi, at his newly constructed house. According to reports, Madhavi passed away in 2017 after meeting with a fatal car accident. At the time, she was with her two daughters, both of whom survived the impact with only minor injuries. Unfortunately, Madhavi did not get the opportunity to realize her dreams of owning a bungalow.


Her husband Gupta was well aware of his wife's wishes that were left unfulfilled. Instead of letting her hopes and dreams die with her passing, the doting widower held them close to his heart and resolved to honor her memory by constructing the house of her dreams. But he didn't stop at that; he made sure that Madhavi was present by his side during a vital moment in his life, contracting an artist named Shreedhar Murthy to create his wife's statue. The Bengaluru-based artist completed the work in a year's time, draping a beautiful pink saree on Madhavi's life-like statue. "It is a great feeling to have my wife again at my home, as this was her dream home. An artist Shreedhar Murthy from Bengaluru took a year to prepare my wife’s statue," shared Gupta about the statue of his deceased wife, per India.com.


"Silicone was used for the statue for durability. Our artist suggested me to have silicone statue instead of the wax statue as we live in Koppal which is a hot place, and an AC cant be open all the time to maintain the wax. So as per the suggestion, we got the silicone statue prepared," he added. It was finally displayed during the housewarming ceremony and pictures of the auspicious occasion have since gone viral. While some praised the grand gesture of Gupta and his everlasting love for his wife, many compared the work to Madame Tussaud. So much of love. Felt emotional. It may be a statue for world but for him she is right there present with him. Brilliant creation. Talking about talent, no one can beat Indians, wrote user Roshini Shah.


User Vijay Nair was left emotional with this display of true love: This is the real Taj Mahal of the modern world. How blessed is the soul that departed the world, unfortunately. It shows how much the family misses them. Emotional moment. God bless all their family members. These images shall live in memories of others for long time. Twitter user Raju expressed: India is a nation where even today, people give more values to emotions, love & affection. Shrinivas Gupta, celebrating house warming function of his new house in Koppal with his wife Madhavi’s silicon wax statue, is one such example. The artist did a brilliant presentation.


Some couldn't even tell it was Madhavi's statue at first glance. Lauding the artist, user Prabhasini wroteWe don't need Madame Tussauds in India. This is so very perfect wax statue. Let us have our own Museum with wax statues of our Great Kings & leaders. Abhishek Debbarma shared: At first I thought it to be a real human and was searching for the statue in the pic.


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