Bullfighting School Lets Teenagers Ruthlessly Kill 24 Calves, Flaunt Severed Ears As Trophies, And Captured On Cam

Bullfighting School Lets Teenagers Ruthlessly Kill 24 Calves, Flaunt Severed Ears As Trophies, And Captured On Cam

After brutally killing the innocent creatures, youngsters were seen waving severed ears of their opponent as a trophy.

A Spanish bullfighting school has now been subjected to an increasing amount of outrage from people after their disturbingly cruel practices didn't seem to come to an end. Just last month this torturous entertainment was heavily criticized by many including comedian Ricky Gervais, who chose to voice his disgust against this so-called sport after four calves were ruthlessly massacred by youths for their matador training. Despite Gervais branding, these bullfighting schools as "c*** academy" a school located in Colmenar Viejo has doubled the level of animal brutality for their non-sensical source of entertainment. 


Video footage captured by several activists from Animal Guardians and La Tortura No Es Cultura (Torture Is Not Culture) reveal how 24 unlucky and helpless animals were killed by students at the academy in just 4 days. After taking a look at the video it is evident that the children were teenagers. While most of the bullring seems to be empty it is surprising to see young and impressionable children among spectators and one of them is even seen in the video recording the harsh affair on his tabular device.  After a while, some young children are seen chopping off the ears from their dying and helpless opponents and showing them off around the arena as a trophy of some sort. 


One of the activists representing Animal Guardians, Marta Esteban informed that the exact age of these children could not be determined, however, some start training to be a matador at the tender age of 14. According to Daily Mail, Esteban said, "They usually start killing animals from 14 years old onwards and they usually stay in bullfighting schools until they are 18, although some stay until they are 21." She continues further by pointing at the violation of children's rights to be a violence-free environment. "This event violates the right of children and adolescents to live in an environment free of violence and it is imperative that something be done about it," she said.


Bercerradas, which is the Spanish name for calf-fights, are conducted in bullfighting schools to train youngsters in the field. This is often referred to as "practical classes" for those inexperienced matadors or untrained people who are present inside the bullring. The reason behind their choice is simply because the calves are less dangerous than their matured versions. So the calves that are used in such fights are easily hurt due to their lack of experience. Due to their tender and fragile state, even a hard blow could be fatal to their lives and if they aren't dead, they would surely be in a world of pain for a prolonged amount of time. 


After witnessing the prevalent cruelty against and children, the activists decided to put their foot down and do something about it. They are in the process of launching an international petition which would ensure that calf-fights are banned from the country securing the innocent lives. Speaking about these horrifying acts of violence, the president of La Tortura No Es Cultura, Carmen Ibarlucea said, "It is inconceivable that these acts of extreme violence towards sentient beings can be considered a form of entertainment."


We could not agree more with Ibarlucea's views. People can hardly wrap their heads around the fact that such cruelty exits and to use this is a source of entertainment is downright appalling! Urging people to sign their petition Ibarlucea added, "They are an atrocity and should be banned. We ask people to sign our petition and write to the city council of Colmenar Viejo asking for the end of these spectacles."


When the news reached Twitter people could not hide their disgust and shock. @Peacevoter wrote: People wonder why there is so much killing in this world! They are teaching their children to be killers! No compassion or empathy taught! Makes me sick! Another user named @BongersEb wrote: What the fuck is wrong with Spain where they teach a child that it is fun to be cruel and torture animal (bulls, calves). Is there no limit to the sadistic cruelty of humans? This has to stop, NOW! MAKE BULL(CALF)FIGHTING STOP


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