Bruce Springsteen Reveals His Wife Stood by His Side & Healed Him As He Battled His Inner Demons

Bruce Springsteen Reveals His Wife Stood by His Side & Healed Him As He Battled His Inner Demons

"She was stable enough and strong enough and she brought a lot of love, so those were very healing things over a long period of time," the musician said.

Bruce Springsteen had his fair share of fame, and it's safe to say that there aren't many people who can't recognize his deep, rough baritone even today. He was extremely popular during the 1970s and 80s, and he's otherwise known as The Boss. But, the one thing that not many of his fans know about him is that the E Street Band leader was battling his inner demons through all his fame and it left him "crushed," reported the Guardian. However, because of the one woman in his life who stood by him through thick and thin, and still continues to do so, he managed to get through some of his darkest times in life. The woman is none other than his wife of 28 years, Patti Scialfa.


The two of them first met at a famed New Jersey bar, The Stone Pony, even before Bruce's music career had really started to take off, in 1980, according to Daily Mail. When he was planning for his Born In the U.S.A. tour in 1984, Patti auditioned to be a backup singer for him. And thus, during the reign of E Street Band, Patti was the only female band member. Now that's one way to strike a chord. 


When they performed, there was this undeniable chemistry between them, and everyone noticed it, too. Offstage, too, there were sparks flying everywhere. It was quite obvious that they completed each other perfectly. However, they had to wait till 1991 to get together, after Springsteen's first marriage to model and actress Julianne Phillips, ended. Julianne reportedly filed for divorce in 1988. 


According to the Vintage News, Bruce wrote in his memoir, Born to Run, that he had started experiencing severe anxiety attacks once he got married to Julianne. This could also be seen as something that apparently showed he was not ready for commitment. He even mentioned that prior to marrying her, he had ended all his relationships within two to three years. But with Patti, it was different, and he knew it. 


As soon as the divorce proceedings had begun, the two musicians in love moved in together, because they just could not bear to stay away. "Patti's been in love with Bruce for as long as I can remember," her high school art teacher Curtis K. Smith told People in 1988. "We'd always heard this and that about Patti and Bruce from [her brother] Michael. It wasn't a big surprise around here when it finally came into the open."


Now, 28 years and three children later, their love is as strong as ever. It is what helps them support each other, especially as the 69-year-old revealed he's been battling depression to Esquire, and that she was the one who healed him. "She was stable enough and strong enough and she brought a lot of love," Bruce said, "so those were very healing things over a long period of time."

He detailed his struggles in Born to Run. "I was crushed between sixty and sixty-two, good for a year and out again from sixty-three to sixty-four. Not a good record." However, it was Patti, 66, who got him through it. "Patti will observe a freight train bearing down, loaded with nitroglycerin and running quickly out of track... she gets me to the doctors and says, 'This man needs a pill,'" he continued.


Since they'd been through so much together, they found a way to make their relationship work. All they had to do was to find a way to understand each other. "...She had a lot of understanding of where I was coming from and some of the choices I make and a little bit about the twisted parts of my personality that she knew how to handle and live with better than some of my other relationships," he told BBC Radio 4′s Desert Island Discs, according to BreakingNews.ie.


“It was a lovely beginning to what’s been a very beautiful relationship.” Which is why, even today, after going through some of the toughest times together, the love they share is very evident. The two of them look so much in love, just as they did when they first met. That's the thing about love, when you meet your soulmate, there is no way that the love is going to fade off, and it's going to withstand every hard step along the way. 


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