Kind Man Is Going Door To Door Fixing Broken Pipes For Strangers, And For Free, In Freezing Cold

Kind Man Is Going Door To Door Fixing Broken Pipes For Strangers, And For Free, In Freezing Cold

Raymond Garcia is paying their kindness forward after his mom passed away from COVID-19 last week.

Image Source: Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty

The winter storm over the weekend had caused several power outages across Texas that in turn have left people struggling to keep themselves warm during the cold and dark days. "We have power for about 30 or 15 minutes and then we get a blackout for about five to six hours," revealed Eder Lemus, a resident of San Antonio, according to CNN. With temperatures constantly dropping, the pipes in his home have frozen, and now, his family of five has to depend on the kindness of his neighbors for water supply. This is where good samaritans like Raymond Garcia come in.



Like many, Garcia too does not have power at his house. Instead of waiting around, the Houston resident has decided to spend his time helping neighbors who are in need. According to ABC13, Garcia is going door-to-door offering his assistance in fixing broken pipes, shutting off their water, and basically anything that he can do to help them. Shortly before he set out to help people, Garcia lost his beloved mother to COVID-19. Following her death last week, he was reminded of the kindness and support others had shown him when his mother was sick.



Thus, he decided to pay their kindness forward by jumping into action when they were the ones in need. Garcia was supposed to bury his mother on Wednesday, however, he chose to spend his day helping others get through the extreme weather that has frozen their homes. What's more, the man is not charging a penny for his services, nor is he expecting anything in return. However, if people are giving him money in exchange for his services, Garcia is donating the amount to his partner who is helping him with the repair work. "My mom always taught me if you help and give to people, God will always bless you. And you know what, I've been blessed," he said, according to ABC13. 

Image Source:  Getty/ Winter storm Uri has brought historic cold weather and power outages to Texas as storms have swept across 26 states with a mix of freezing temperatures and precipitation. (Photo by Ron Jenkins)


Thankfully, there are many others like Garcia who have come forward to help people during this time of crisis. The snow has made it impossible for some citizens to get around town and Nars Buenaventura has taken it upon himself to resolve this problem. Accompanied by a group of friends, all of whom have Jeeps, Buenaventura is driving around East Texas and dropping people to warmer places that have water and food supply. The crew is helping first responding to get to work, towing people's cars, and bringing them food.



"If we don’t make a change, then things aren’t going to change. If we go out there and do the best we possibly can and lend a hand maybe they will help someone else down the road as well," said Buenaventura, according to KLTV. Buenaventura's selfless actions are being recognized as a boon by many and Samuel Gilmore is one such person who is grateful for being helped out on Wednesday. Gilmore, a trucker, revealed that Buenaventura and his crew had arrived just in time to town his truck and trailer. 



"Oh, it is a blessing. I was glad to see them because sitting on top of this road and not being able to get out of it that’s a problem," expressed Gilmore. Michael Castle, a member of Buenaventura’s crew shared that solving problems is the job of good Samaritans this week. He also added that they don't expect anything in return for their services. "Everybody needs help. We do it because we can, and it is the right thing to do," he explained. "We don’t charge nothing. I don’t charge nothing. We just do it because we can, and we have the vehicles that can do it."

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