People Are Turning Their Broken Flower Pots Into Gorgeous Fairy Planters

People Are Turning Their Broken Flower Pots Into Gorgeous Fairy Planters

Instead of throwing away the broken pieces, you can now create a beautiful fantasy pot using cute accessories. Get your kids involved, too!

If you haven't heard of the latest trend that has the gardening community completely floored, then you've been clearly living under a rock! So, what do you do when some household item is broken or damaged? While most of us simply discard it without giving it a seconds thought, others try and salvage it.  It's this latter approach that has inspired people with broken flower pots to create an arrangement that looks straight out of a fairy tale. People are now placing broken shards of the pot in an aesthetic manner complemented with tasteful accessories thus transforming it into a work of enviable art that will dazzle your guests. Take a look at some of them.

 1. How breathtakingly beautiful is this?


2. Stepping stone to success?


3. You have been invited to a cute pool party!



4. Did someone say Christmas?


5. I want this in my house, right now!



6. Your kids are gonna love this when it becomes a fun project for them to do



7. 'Moo've over



8. Even an old birdbath can do the trick!



9. Talk about being a work of art!



10. Is this award-winning or what?



11. When Jurrasic World meets the land of fairies



12. A three-tiered fairy house



13. An entry for the 2018 Sandiego County Fair



14. Fairyland, anyone?



15. What kind of sorcery is this?



16. Keep calm and Snorlax



17. Halloween's just around the corner



18. Home sweet home



19. Succulent delight!



20. Time for a little tête-à-tête over tea


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