British Trophy Hunters Slaughter At-Risk Zebras And Post Their Sick "Achievement" On Social Media

British Trophy Hunters Slaughter At-Risk Zebras And Post Their Sick "Achievement" On Social Media

British hunters who are flocking to South Africa to hunt near-threatened plain zebras for fun get slammed by government.


For a long time now, British Trophy hunters have been flying to South Africa, ruthlessly slaughtering at-risk zebras, and sharing sickening photos of them grinning and posing next to the butchered animals online. According to The Sun, these tourists embark upon expensive safaris across the African plains and proudly share stomach-churning pictures of their killing on social media. One such hunter who is believed to be a tour operator of this heartless activity, Andy Denson, recently shared a picture of him posing with a zebra he had shot on Facebook reported The Mirror.


Another British tourist, Peter Livesey's picture of his killing was featured on Huntershill Safaris' website where he is seen kneeling beside the dead body of a zebra with a rifle in one hand. Speaking of this crude experience he wrote on the guestbook section in April 2016: Never had so much fun with my pants on!!! Similar to Huntershill Safaris' website, another website called Umlilo Safaris has a designated gallery of pictures which showcases these British hunters along with their "trophy" victims. 



According to a report by Daily Mail, zebras residing in the plains are not listed under "buck available for hunting" on the Huntershill Safaris website; however, they mention the existence of "tailor-made packages" to suit the tourists' requirements. Apparently, one could pay up to $9500 for a ten-day-long safari that guarantees a number of kills on their 55,000-acre farm. Such ruthless activities are being continued despite the fact that Zebras entered the International Union for Conservation of Nature's 'red list' of endangered species about three years ago after their population had dropped by 24 percent within 14 years. 



Commonly found in South Africa and Zambia the plains zebras are listed as near threatened creatures, however, it's not illegal to hunt them in South Africa. Thus, British hunters have been reportedly exporting the body parts of these animals back to the UK despite their precarious state. Now, UK's government officials are trying to levy a ban on the import of pricey body parts, rugs and furs of endangered animals. "I look at the photos and it turns my stomach," said Animal Welfare Minister Zac Goldsmith while speaking to Mirror's The Sunday People.



Even the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson's girlfriend Carrie Symonds has been actively opposing the cruel practice of trophy hunting. "A trophy is meant to be a prize," said Symonds during her first speech after Johnson was elected as the Prime Minister. "Something you’re awarded if you’ve achieved something of merit that requires great skill and talent. Trophy hunting is not that. It is the opposite of that. It is cruel, it is sick, it is cowardly and I will never, ever understand the motivation to do it," she added. 



Denson, 55, is known as of the top taxidermists in the country who preserves the shape of these animals and stuffs them up to be hung on the wall as a trophy. The resident of Padiham, Lancashire is also listed under the Thaba Thala Safaris as the UK agent who helps set up trips for trophy hunting. Sharing his love for taxidermy Denson writes on his website: For the past 25 years I’ve provided a full taxidermy ­service mounting birds, ­mammals and specializing in deer, African and exotic shoulder and pedestal mounts from my ­studio in Padiham, Lancashire.



I have been glad to see my son follow in my footsteps to become a very well respected professional hunter and fisherman taking clients out to fulfill their African dreams," he added on his website—which charges trophy hunters £900 ($1,107.27) to taxidermy zebras. When speaking to Mirror's The Sunday People, Denson said, "I promote my deep-sea ­fishing business in South Africa through Thaba Thala Safaris. I do not hunt endangered animals and never will." Since then he has his website down and deleted the hunting images from his Facebook account. 


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