British Tourist Bites Vendor's Hand, Abuses Locals While Trying To Free Caged Chickens

British Tourist Bites Vendor's Hand, Abuses Locals While Trying To Free Caged Chickens

The woman went on an obscene and vulgar rant in the middle of the crowded marketplace in Tangiers, Morocco, calling the locals illiterate and pushing and shoving them.

In a chaotic incident at a marketplace in Morocco, a British tourist woman was filmed biting a local vendor's hand on video. As per the footage, the lady was apparently trying to free live chickens that the vendor was keeping inside crates at the market in the city of Tangiers in the northwestern part of the country.

A bystander took the clip which then went viral on social media as the woman is seen shouting and yelling plenty of abuses at the vendor and the other locals. She calls the locals "illiterate" and creates quite a disturbance in the area, while the people around her were trying to figure out what exactly she wanted. 


"Are you all that uneducated? You can't read, you can't read, can you? You can't f****** read. Are you that f****** thick, you dumb c***?" the unidentified British tourist with a Southern accent was caught yelling, before turning to the person filming the video and sticking her middle fingers up at the camera. "Dumb f****** c***", she is heard yelling at the person, who also briefly held up his middle finger in response. It was right after that when she literally got on top of the yellow plastic crate holding the live chickens and forcefully tries opening the hatch. 


At this point, none of the locals used any physical force to restrain her, though the vendor did hold the hatch closed as she kept trying to pry it open with her bare hands. Seconds later, as she struggled in vain to open the crate, she leans down and tries to bite his hand yelling "Get Off" over and over again. It's truly a bizarre episode as it is not clear as to why exactly she was doing it. 



Mail Online reported that after an extensive struggle, the locals eventually managed to restrain the woman and keep her in place until authorities arrived on the scene. According to the outlet, the chicken vendor who she had been wrestling with didn't intend on pressing charges. The woman was subsequently removed from the scene and taken to a nearby hospital to be treated for "hysteria". 



Needless to say, when the video went viral on social media, the woman received a lot of backlash for her tantrum and violent outburst. One person said that the woman's actions were "disrespectful" to the local culture which it was if you look at it unbiasedly.   "Go push your cultural beliefs in your own country, stay away if you don't like it," one user wrote, while another commented, "Even if they let her free the chickens, what does she think will happen? They'll just roam freely in the city?" A third added: "On behalf of the sane British public, I apologize for this simply atrocious behavior."


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