"I Never Miss My Nightcap": 112-Year-Old Woman Credits Whiskey For Her Long Life

"I Never Miss My Nightcap": 112-Year-Old Woman Credits Whiskey For Her Long Life

Britain's oldest person alive credits a daily nightcap of whiskey for her long life. Grace Jones, aka Amazing Grace, celebrated her 112th birthday in 2018.

We've heard countless tales centered on the search for the fountain of eternal youth. Although the fountain is most likely fictional, our best bet lies with scientists who have been trying to crack the code on longer lifespans for ages now. The 112-year-old Grace Jones, aka Amazing Grace, could probably help them out with a few pointers. Grace is Britain's oldest person alive and she is more than happy to share the secret to her long life. The old-timer credits her incredible age to a daily dose of whiskey for the last six decades.


According to Daily Mail, Grace took over as the country's oldest person following the death of the previous title holder Olive Evelyn Boar, who passed away in August 2018 at the age of 113. Coincidentally, Grace also succeeds another Grace Jones who previously held the title before her death in November 2013 at the same age as Olive. Speaking of how she managed to bag the incredible title, the new record holder breaks down the secret to her longevity to never missing her nightcap of Famous Grouse single malt whiskey every evening for the last 62 years. 


A Liverpudlian by birth, Grace was born on September 16, 1906. Over the duration of her long life, she has seen 26 prime ministers come and go, as well as surviving both world wars. "I never miss my nightcap. All I have is the whiskey at night. Whiskey is very good for you. I started having a nightly tot of it when I turned 50 so I've been having it every night for the last 60 years and I certainly have no intention of stopping now," said the mother-of-one who lives in Broadway, Worcs. She added that even her doctor encouraged her to continue her daily ritual. 


"My doctor said 'keep up with the whiskey Grace, it's good for your heart'," she said. Despite being almost double the age now, Grace claims she still feels the same as she did when she was 60. As you can imagine, she has seen quite a few things in her life that may have left a lasting impression on her and yet she still considers her wedding day to be the best of them all. "The best memory of my life was when I married my husband Leonard. He was a true gentleman, the son of a parson. We were always together and we loved one another," the lively 112-year-old said.


Grace married chief engineer Leonard Roderick Jones in 1933 in Liverpool and the two celebrated a happy marriage for 53 years before he passed away in 1986 at the age of 79. After his death, she lived in Sidmouth, Devon before she relocated with her family to Worcestershire in 2005. As for how she feels about turning 112, Grace said, "I feel fine. I feel full of spirit. I have received lots of nice cards and presents this year and they are still coming in. We will be here next year as well." We're pretty sure she will with her trusty whiskey by her side.


Grace's daughter Deirdre McCarthy, who is 80-years-old, couldn't help but hush about her mother. "My mother is extraordinary. She's still very particular over her appearance and insists on always looking her best. Once she married my father she very much became a lady of leisure. She enjoys meeting people and still reads a little and watches television. Each week her carer takes her into Broadway where she likes to do a little shopping if the weather is nice; she is in amazing health but her hearing is a little poor," she said.


She continued, "She is glamorous, beautiful and intelligent. She is really alert and still with it. She loves her tot of whiskey every evening before she goes to bed and why not. Whiskey is her thing and she's been having it for the last 60 years. I must say I certainly take after her in that regard, it's the perfect way to unwind at the end of the day and it's certainly done my mother no end of good." Grace planned to celebrate her milestone birthday surrounded by her family and friends at Buckland Manor, Worcs, a large country estate. Of course, with a customary glass of whiskey. 


Apart from her trusty dram of whiskey every day, Grace also believes avoiding stress has helped her live longer. "If you worry, it gets you down," she said. Grace's namesake, the former record holder was the UK's oldest person when she died on December 7, 2013. She was also the last living British national to be born in the 1800s. She lost her fiancé when he was killed while on active service in the First World War. She became the country's oldest person in February 2012 but missed the chance to see her 114th birthday by just 14 days. 


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