'It Was Normal For Both Of Us': Bride Walks Down The Aisle With Her Adorable Baby On Her Back

'It Was Normal For Both Of Us': Bride Walks Down The Aisle With Her Adorable Baby On Her Back

The couple have never taken any important decisions without including their daughter in it, so it only made sense she was a part of their wedding.

Dalton Mort's wedding to Jimmy Joe Mort was quite a special one as she had a very special detail on her wedding dress. Her 2-year-old baby girl named Ellora. According to People, photos from the ceremony showed Mort walking down the aisle happily, with Ellora strapped securely to her back. “I chose to wear my daughter because I knew it would keep her calm on a very hectic day,” said Mort.  “Wearing her also allowed me to incorporate her in the ceremony in a way that was normal for both of us.” Photographer Laura Schaefer, who covered the wedding posted the pictures on social media calling Mort the 'stunning baby wearing bride'. 


Her post has been shared more than 4,000 times and they even saw how several other women were sharing their own pictures with babies in it. “When Dalton appeared from behind the doors and began walking down the aisle with Ellie, you could just tell the guests were in awe,” said Schaefer. “Everyone was smiling and you could hear quiet murmurs of ‘so beautiful’ and ‘oh look at Ellie.’ Everyone loved it! Ellie looked absolutely adorable and Dalton looked like a stunning bride and mother.”


Schaefer told WKMG that she found out about Mort's plan when she asked if Mort would be wearing a veil for the wedding. “She said, ‘No, actually I’ll be wearing [my daughter],” Schaefer recalled. “I told her that I thought that was a great idea, both practically speaking and that it would make for beautiful and unique photos.” The photos were, indeed unique, as it showed how the little baby was wrapped in a colorful cloth during the ceremony. 


Ellie, a nickname for Ellora, couldn't help but play with the flowers on her mother's head, and the photographer managed to capture it all beautifully.  But soon enough, she fell asleep, right during the ceremony. “I bought that wrap for the wedding and she went on a bit of a babywearing strike the most before the wedding,” Mort told WKMG. Mort added she did not have a lot of problems with Ellie being included in the wedding. 


“Ellie was actually great though. I think with all the people around, she was relieved that I wore her. She gets overwhelmed around large groups. The reason I chose that wrap was that it loosely went with the colors I used. I didn’t plan on how well it went with the church.” Mort had Ellie when she was 19, and the couple has never made any major decisions that did not involve her.


Mort revealed Ellie was even a part of their honeymoon. “I am used to wearing her for an extended amount of time,” she said. “I love wearing my daughter, so it just seemed normal for us.” What a lucky baby, to be a part of her parents' wedding and their honeymoon! All said and done, weddings are a pricey affair. Some of us even spend a bomb on our wedding dress, but do we ever use it again? Most of us don't but this bride made sure to make full use of her wedding dress.


According to People, newlyweds Nick and Zoe Aust traveled the world, but she wore the same outfit for her amazing pictures: her wedding dress. “Zoe chose the Ferrera gown which ended up being the perfect dress for her travels. It was inspired by the spirit of a fun-loving bride with a distinct taste,” said Watters’ Style Director Sydney Watters Dunbar, adding that this design had 'beaded fringe that celebrates the joyous moments' brides have in their dream dress'.


Although Zoe and Nick knew they wanted to travel the world, the decision to take the dress along with them came much later. 

“This dress has seen trains, boats, flights, Tuk Tuk rides, taxis and a helicopter ride over Mount Everest. It’s seen snow and incredible heat, rain, and fog. It’s been covered in dirt and washed in the Indian Ocean,” said Zoe. “I’ve swum in this dress, climbed the Great Wall of China in this dress, rode a bicycle in Japan in this dress. But my greatest accomplishment while wearing it was marrying Nick. I’m so incredibly thankful for all this dress has withstood, but that will always be my favorite memory in it.”


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