Bride Wants To Ban Fiancé's 3-Yr-Old From Wedding Because She's A "Crotch Goblin" And "His Mistake"

Bride Wants To Ban Fiancé's 3-Yr-Old From Wedding Because She's A "Crotch Goblin" And "His Mistake"

This bridezilla wanted an adults-only wedding which included her fiancé's daughter. Her mean-spirited rant on social media calling her fiancé's child a "crotch goblin", "needy", and "his mistake not mine" invited the wrath of users who were aghast at her tone and language.

When you fall in love with someone, you fall for them completely.  You learn to accept their good and bad sides because that is what true love is all about.  When you decide to take the relationship forward aka getting married, you want that day to be memorable, and celebrate it with your near and dear ones.  Sometimes this means asking your guests not to bring their kids because you don't want them to disrupt your special day. But this woman's demands before her wedding was an unusual one. She wanted to exclude her fiancé's child, a three-year-old from the wedding festivities.   



The woman took to Facebook to share her thoughts. According to the NZ Herald, she wrote: How do I tell my fiance [sic] I don't want his daughter at our wedding? I put 'no kids' on the invites so I thought he'd get the point, but he keeps mentioning her being there??   



Unsurprisingly her post received a lot of backlash. She listed her reasons for not wanting his child at the wedding branding her as being a "crotch goblin" and that it was "his mistake not mine".  She added: Edit cause people keep asking me the same dumb a** questions. She's three. I am marrying him not his crotch goblin. That's his mistake, not mine.



She continued: I don't want her there because she's needy asf and makes everything about her AND I said no f***ing kids. To avoid shamers, she emphatically stated: If you don't have [anything] nice to say or any advice then SCROLL ON!  Nobody could understand the woman's demands and found it completely unreasonable not to mention incredibly mean-spirited. To her fiancé, his daughter meant the world to him, and he'd definitely want her to be a part of his special day.



Her post was met with many responses, most of them appalled at her behavior. One person wrote: Why marry someone with kids if you don't like kids?  Another added: There are plenty of single, childless people out there. We don't all have children. A third one gave her a reality check: Lady, when you marry a man, you marry his family. The fact that you refer to his daughter as a 'crotch goblin' is a major red flag and he needs to dump your sorry a**.   The post was also shared on Reddit, where it met a similar fate. Users laughed at her ignorance about a three-year-old child being needy.  One user sarcastically mentioned, Selfish toddlers always making everything about them. Another chimed in:  Deadbeat three-year-olds. Probably hasn’t ever even held a steady job and will be forced to live at home for the foreseeable future.



Many users felt that the wedding ought to be called off.  One stated: The groom needs to cancel the wedding ASAP.  Another said:  No red flag exist that is bigger and brighter than this one. While a third one added: Also, if him having a child was going to that much a problem why still be in the relationship.  Another felt that this woman would be the "worst stepmother" to this poor child, should the wedding goes through.


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