Woman Fat Shames Her Cousin For Refusing To Be Her Bridesmaid: "You're Too Fat Anyway"

Woman Fat Shames Her Cousin For Refusing To Be Her Bridesmaid: "You're Too Fat Anyway"

A Reddit user shared screenshots of her conversation with the bride-to-be who wrote: "You're too FAT to be a bridesmaid anyway."

A Redditor recently shared a vicious incident that is sure to make everyone gasp with disbelief. According to Fox News, the woman claimed that her cousin she "barely" speaks to, shamed her into being one of her bridesmaids.

She used Reddit’s Choosing Beggars forum to vent about this whole incident. The user named 'pervertw3asel' posted a bunch of screenshots of the messaged shared between her and the cousin on this platform and captioned it: "I barely speak to my cousin. Like maybe once annually during holidays? Or when she wants something."



Less than two weeks ahead of the cousin's wedding she texted pervertw3asel to ask for a favor. "Hey, sorry it's last minute but as you know my wedding is on the 20th of this month, [redacted] backed out think you can fill in?" she asked of her cousin.

However, she was unwilling to comply with the bride's wishes and wrote: "As tempting as that sound, I think it's best for me to sit this one out! I hope things work out for you though, I hope you have a great wedding." Instead of respecting her wishes, the bride kept pushing her on to take up the role.



She wrote: "If it's about money, [redacted] said she would sell you the dress cheap. You might have to alter it once you get it, but you'd be doing me a huge favor. So would you like to?" The Reddit user politely turned her down by expressing that such situations make her rather "uncomfortable."

But the incessant plea did not stop there. Pointing at the fact that she was the only one who could fit into the already purchased bridesmaid dress, she wrote: "You’re the only one who can fit her dress."


"Everyone else is either too small or too short. I desperately need you to step up here," continued her message. Of course, her mentioning the size of her cousin offended her beyond measure.

And she retaliated expressing how she wasn't sure whether to be offended by it or not. Even in this tense situation, she chose to maintain her calm and ended the message saying, "Either way, I just don't feel comfortable. Sorry." But the stubborn bride refused to take no for an answer or even apologize for her offensive comment instead she showered her cousin with insults.

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"Wow, this is my wedding day," wrote the bride. "I can't believe you're making this about you. I could care less if you're offended or not. You're being so selfish and self-centered."

As expected, these insults did not seem to work on the now hurt cousin. The Reddit user did not move from her stance and expressed how she did not want to do something that she is uncomfortable with and also apologized for being "self-centered." She finally suggested the bride should find someone else in the family who she was closer to and also willing to take up this role. 

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Unfortunately, the bride didn't seem to understand the meaning of the word 'no.' She indulged in a rather crass argument saying, "It doesn't matter if it makes you 'uncomfortable.' You just supposed to do things for your family."

Continuing the message she wrote: I'm not going to argue about this. Etransfer the money to me, I'll pick up the dress from [redacted]." The now tired cousin chose to remain silent and not respond to her messages. Annoyed with this reaction, the bride gave her an ultimatum and wrote: "You're being a real bit*h about this. If you don't do this then I don't want you at my wedding period."

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The cousin still declined the request to which the bride retaliated by explaining how she was "too fat" to be a bridesmaid. She then continued to express how she "wasted" her time asking her to do it. Despite being attacked by such horrible and insulting words, the cousin still hoped for her cousin to have a "great wedding" and was met with another insult where the bride wrote: "F*ck off fatty."

One of the users commented: I love it when s***ty family acts like you should do something for them because you’re family. While others suggested how she should just go to the wedding and reveal the texts in front of everyone. However, the cousin chose to be above all that and did not want to create a scene on her cousin's big day. 

Source: Reddit

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