Bride Leaves Empty Seat In Memory Of Her Late Son, Breaks Down When She Sees Who Shows Up

Bride Leaves Empty Seat In Memory Of Her Late Son, Breaks Down When She Sees Who Shows Up

When her son Triston passed away, she made the difficult, but right decision to donate his organs and ended up saving the lives of five other people. Jacob, who turned up as a guest, was the man who received her son's heart.

Every mother's worst nightmare is to lose their child, the one they have loved and nurtured for nine months in their womb and painfully given birth. They spend all their life cherishing and protecting their baby and the pain is unbearable when their baby is taken away from them. Becky was forced to experience this unimaginable pain when her son Triston passed away at a very young age of 19. Even though it was hard for her, she kept moving forward, because she knew that was what her son would have wanted. Two years after Triston's death, she met the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with and they decided to get married


Becky and Kelly, her husband-to-be planned for their special day, but Becky really wanted Triston to be a part of her special day.  Becky was thinking of him each and every step of the way, and as a way to honor his memory, she decided to leave a seat empty for him, so she could belive that he was with her during her day. The chair also carried a touching message that definitely left everyone teary-eyed after reading it. 


The message on the seat read: I'm in heaven for your wedding so what shall I do? I'll come down to earth to spend it with you. So save me a seat, just one empty chair. You may not see me but I will be there.  Little did Becky know that Kelly was also thinking of Triston and he'd actually planned a really sweet surprise for her. So, just moments before the ceremony, Kelly let Becky know that there was someone who'd come to meet her. 


The guest was none other than a 21-year-old man by the name of Jacob. As soon as Becky found out who the guest was, she broke down into tears. She knew who he was and why he was there. You see, when Triston had passed, Becky had arranged for his organs to be utilized by those who were in need. Thanks to her touching gesture, five people received a second shot at living their life, with Triston's organs. 


Jacob had been the lucky recipient of Triston’s heart, and Kelly made all the arrangements for Jacob to be there on their special day so that a part of Triston could be present at the wedding. Becky, using a stethoscope, was able to hear Triston's heart beat within Jacob's body, and she just wasn't able to contain her excitement. She squealed like a child, jumping up and down with sheer joy. 


It looks like Kelly knew that Becky needed the boost, knowing that her son's heart had saved another man's life, and for Becky, that was exactly what she needed to help her get through her wedding day. After all, it was all thanks to Becky's thoughtfulness that Triston’s legacy will always be able to live on. Once the moment unfolded, everyone present was seen wiping away their tears. 


Jacob flew in from San Diego and this is a moment that he would not have missed for the world. While this truly is a heartwarming moment for Becky, Kelly, Jacob, and Triston, it's also about how organ donation saves several lives. Emily McVey commented on the photos: This is beautiful. Life has so many bad things, but this is something truly beautiful. Sallie Dean Grayson added: The best gift she could have ever got on her wedding day.



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