Stray Dog Protects Litter Of Kittens From The Cold Winters And Keeps Them Safe

Stray Dog Protects Litter Of Kittens From The Cold Winters And Keeps Them Safe

While the kittens will still need a few more months of care and attention, Serenity, the brave dog, will be up for adoption once she's spayed.

A stray dog is being honored as a hero after she was found protecting a litter of 5-week-old kittens from freezing Canadian temperatures last week, reports Good News Network.  Serenity the dog was found curled up on the road by a passing motorist in Chatham-Kent, Ontario. A good samaritan immediately stopped to check if Serenity was okay, and that's when they discovered that Serenity was keeping a litter of five kittens warm.


Discovering Serenity and the kittens was a blessing in disguise. If that hadn't happened, then the chances of them freezing in the cold weather were highly likely. The person who discovered Serenity also made a call to Pet and Wildlife Rescue, and a team came to take the pet and the litter to a warmer place so that they could go through a complete health evaluation to determine they were healthy. 


Thankfully, there were all deemed to be in good health and the kittens are now staying with a foster family until they are old enough to be adopted. The rescue center took to Facebook to post about Serenity and the kittens and since then they've been getting a lot of requests for adoption. The rescuers later made a follow-up post about how Serenity is up for adoption and that she'd do great in any home, one that even has cats around because she's already so great with them. 

Source: Facebook


The kittens, on the other hand, will need the utmost care and attention for a few more months before they can be adopted. Serenity will be spayed soon after which she will be up for adoption officially from the third of December. People had a lot of nice things to say about Serenity. Rita Dufresne wrote: Thank you for the lovely update. Wishing Serenity and the sweet kitten family forever families soon, and safe and happy lives. Please, everyone, remember there are many wonderful furry friends just waiting in shelters across this beautiful country. ALWAYS spay and neuter.


Brenda Cook posted: There is something very special about Serenity. I pray she gets the most fabulous person/family that will love and care for her as she has done for these kittens. Carolyn WI added: She's a wonderful girl. Glad you have enough information on her temperament, activity level now to share. I hope she gets the BEST home! She so deserves it. Natalie Cyr chimed in: Thank you for sharing this, Serenity's story touches my heart as a cat owner and pet lover, I am sure that the staff will help her and her kittens, find a wonderful loving forever home. And thank you to the good Samaritan who found them.


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