Brave Dog Not Only Saves Little Girl From Drowning But Also Retrieves Her Toy From Lake

Brave Dog Not Only Saves Little Girl From Drowning But Also Retrieves Her Toy From Lake

The little girl was crouching too close to the water and she was trying to retrieve a toy, but the dog sensed danger, so it pulled her to the safety of the banks and went into the water to get the toy for her!

If you were to pick between dogs and humans to be your friend for life, who would you choose? Definitely a dog, right? That's because you know they're going to be loyal and loving as long as they're with you, unlike people. But, if you're someone who doesn't believe in that, then there's a video of a dog saving a little girl's life from potential danger that might change your mind. In the short clip that was posted to Twitter, the little girl tries to retrieve a ball that went into the lake. The dog, sensing danger - as the girl could fall into the water and drown - pulls her back by her frock and brings her back to safety and goes into the water to grab the ball. I mean, how many of us would risk our own lives to save someone else?  The video was posted on 16th June and since then, it had garnered nearly 109,600 Retweets and 246,081 Likes.


1. Only dogs can be this loyal



2. This good doggo needs to be applauded



3. Dogs are the only ones that love you more than you love them


4. I mean, for a dog, you are their whole life



5. If only everyone had the ability to love like dogs, the world would be a better place


6. Dogs and infants are the best teachers when it comes to pure love


7. Agreed. We definitely don't deserve something this loving and loyal


8. Dogs are better than humans because they know, but don't tell


9. Just watching a dog fills you with happiness and joy


10. Always have been, always will be


11. Thanking my stars every day for the existence of dogs


12. Dogs are the most amazing creatures, for they give you unconditional love



13. Any dog is better than the nicest person we meet




 A lot of people commented saying this was "awesome" and "too cute" and "amazing", but that's just the nature of dogs. From the video, the breed looks like a German Shepard, and there were people who thought this video was fabricated to show how amazing dogs can be, and their argument was how else could someone remain so calm while recording the video, unless they were absolutely sure the baby was not in danger and the water in the lake was not shallow at all. Well, whatever the situation may be, there's no denying that what the good pupper did is commendable and not something we get to see from humans all the time. 

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