Angelina Jolie Set To Sell Multimillion-Dollar Gift Brad Pitt Gave Her, Amid Bitter Custody Battle

Angelina Jolie Set To Sell Multimillion-Dollar Gift Brad Pitt Gave Her, Amid Bitter Custody Battle

He had gifted her the only painting created by British Prime Minister Winston Churchill during World War II.

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Relationships should be easy, but often it takes time to nurture and involves hard work and commitment to keep it going as you grow older. As couples, you're only human and are bound to mess up from time to time. But it's how you'll bounce back from a difficult situation that makes or breaks a relationship. In Hollywood, most relationships don't really go the distance, with only a handful of celebrities managing to do so. And when relationships end, couples may not leave on amicable terms. Sometimes, the anger, hurt, and betrayal stretches longer than they should, and this manifests in ways that can only be described as ugly, just so the aggrieved party can get back at their ex.


One such relationship is shared between former Hollywood couple, Bradd Pitt and Angelina Jolie. While you would have heard about their separation years ago, the two are still battling it out in court. Now, it has come to light that Jolie, 45, is auctioning off a multi-million dollar present given by her former husband. The Fight Club actor had reportedly gifted her the only painting created by British Prime Minister Winston Churchill during World War II.


According to CNN, the notable leader had painted the Tower of the Koutoubia Mosque in Marrakech, Morocco, following the Casablanca Conference in January 1943. Churchill then gifted his artwork to the then U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt. In 2011, Brad Pitt bought this painting from antique dealer M.S. Rau as a gift to his wife Jolie, revealed an insider. Although the reason behind selling this painting remains unknown, the art piece is expected to go up to at least $3.4 million during an auction.

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Separations can be quite ugly but after a while, many tend to rise above all the bitterness and maintain a cordial relationship with their former partners. Unfortunately, that's not the case with Jolie and Pitt who had a fight before the December holidays. On Christmas eve, the 57-year-old managed to see at least three of his children he has with his ex-wife Jolie, but a source revealed to Page Six that things are "not that simple." 


"Every holiday, every birthday, someone always leaks the same thing about Brad and his supposed plans to see the kids, like the pizza party for Shiloh’s birthday this year — and it seems like there’s never any truth to it," claimed the insider. In 2016, the couple went their separate ways but to date, they haven't been able to finalize their battle for custody. Although it seemed like they were "finally headed towards some resolution" about their six kids in 2020, they "are still raging." 

When Jolie filed to dismiss the judge in the court case, things came to a standstill. "It doesn’t look like it’s going to be resolved anytime soon," shared the source. Now, their divorce battle has entered its fifth year and the situation continues to remain "pretty tragic for everyone." The source added, "This continues to be a very hard time for the family." 


Ever since their divorce, life has been "pretty hard" for Jolie as quoted by Style Caster. She lives in the former estate of Cecil B. DeMille because "I wanted it to be close to their dad, who is only five minutes away." When asked if she was happy in this stage of her life, she said she's "not there yet." Speaking to British Vogue Editor-in-Chief, Edward Enninful, the Maleficent star said, "I don't know. The past few years have been pretty hard. I’ve been focusing on healing our family," she explained. "It’s slowly coming back, like the ice melting and the blood returning to my body. But I’m not there. I’m not there yet. But I hope to be. I’m planning on it."

Jolie also added that being older has helped her during the process. "I do like being older. I feel much more comfortable in my forties than I did when I was younger," she said. "Maybe because… I don’t know… maybe because my mom didn’t live very long, so there’s something about age that feels like a victory instead of a sadness for me."

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