Man Travels 1,500 Miles In Teddy Bear Suit To Surprise Girlfriend, Finds Her In Arms Of Another Man

Man Travels 1,500 Miles In Teddy Bear Suit To Surprise Girlfriend, Finds Her In Arms Of Another Man

A young man in China traveled nearly 2400 km (1500 miles) in a teddy bear suit to surprise his girlfriend only to find her in the arms of another man.

 Can long-distance relationships work? Absolutely. It's just all about the effort and time you put into them, as is the case with any relationship, but with a whole boatload more of communication and creativity. On average, most people in long-distance relationships tend to be at least 125 miles away from each other. They tend to visit each other less than twice a month and call each other at least once every three days. Many couples even still write letters to each other, and on average this can be about three times a month.

However, in the case of this poor young man in China, the distance was nearly 1500 miles. China is a big country, we all know that, but to make such a long journey shows dedication if not anything else. In a post that was shared on Twitter and on Weibo, one young man in China, traveled 1500 miles just to surprise his girlfriend on her birthday. He wore a Teddy Bear suit as he went to meet her in a public place. Unfortunately for him, upon arriving there he found his girlfriend in the arms of another man. 





The photos that were shared on Twitter (and Weibo) showed the woman wrapped in the other man's arms, while the boyfriend (who traveled so far) just stares at them in disbelief. One of the photos showed the girl and her 'latest' boyfriend looking at boyfriend number one, who then takes off the head of the teddy bear costume. A video also was released depicting the incident. After they notice each other, the boyfriend in the teddy bear suit then runs away upon seeing his girlfriend with this other man.

According to the photos and the footage, the girlfriend then chases her original boyfriend, hugs him tightly and apologizes, but it seems that he has completely given up on their relationship. One of the pictures even showed the poor boyfriend putting on the teddy bear head again to hide the fact that he was crying. Chinese internet users have bashed the girl for her 'cheating' behavior and have advised the guy to just find a new girlfriend.



There is so much that goes behind a long-distance relationship, especially in order for them to work. Long-distance relationships have a 58 percent success rate, according to new research. A study of 1,000 Americans who have been in a long-distance relationship found that whether or not you and partner make it through the long-distance phase will come down to a coin-flip, due to the fine yet sensitive factors that surround a successful or unsuccessful long-distance relationship. 

The study found that the first few months of a long-distance relationship may be an optimistic time, but the study pinpointed the four-month mark as being the hardest part of the relationship. According to the data, if your long-distance relationship can survive the eight-month milestone, it gets a lot easier. Having a long-distance relationship is hard, people think your relationship won't even last a month, well here's the thing if you're truly in love with your partner you won't do stuff that could jeopardize or ruin your relationship.



Judging by the manner in which the 'new guy' held the woman, it is pretty obvious to see that they too are romantically involved in their own way. But if she truly had feelings for her new man, it is unlikely that she would react with sadness and run after her first boyfriend when he started to walk away in tears. That maybe signifies that she still, in fact, loved him and just didn't know what she was doing with this new person. But then again, some people do tend to have narcissistic traits where they feel a need (stemming from a superiority complex) to date multiple people. 



A long-distance relationship is often hard to maintain, but what's important is that both parties agree to keep the love alive. Communication is all-important in making this happen. The key is to always make time for each other, and to each do their best to not succumb to the many temptations along the way. Physical separation is really hard to deal with, but when there is a strong connection between two individuals, they will constantly keep each other in their minds and get through the days and nights until they finally unite again. 

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