Boy Who Sustained Facial Burns From 7 Years Ago In Apartment Fire, Gets Adopted

Boy Who Sustained Facial Burns From 7 Years Ago In Apartment Fire, Gets Adopted

It seems that a candle caused the fire that left the little one with such severe burns.

Image Source: Facebook/Deyvion's Drastic Journey

Deyvion was just a toddler when a fire ripped through his apartment. Firefighters rescued him from the blaze but he was left with horrific burns all over his face, according to WGN9. The fact that he survived is nothing short of a miracle but the little one from Missouri had to go on a hard recovery journey at a special burns unit where he fought his way back to health. Deyvion went through some of the hardest days of his life without anyone by his side, but he made it through much stronger. However, it wasn’t until he was 5 years that he became the foster child of Beth Plunkett, a single mother of two.


“I thought he was a beautiful little boy, and I fell in love with him very quickly,” Beth said. “I feel everybody says, ‘Oh, he’s so lucky to have you and what you’re doing,’ but I’m, I’m just as equally lucky to have him,” she added. Finally, after so many years of having no one to call his family, he was finally adopted by Beth. “I want him to be, most importantly, just happy,” Beth said. “And I want him to always feel loved and to just … to have goals and like, reach them and just do amazing, amazing things. And I know, I know he will … God definitely has an awesome plan for him.”


Now, Deyvion has a loving family with a mom and two siblings. He also has people thinking he's pretty special, especially the firefighters who saved his life. They still remember the day they saved the little boy, says Deputy Chief Eric Smith of the South Metro Fire Department in Raymore and his crew. The day Deyvion was adopted was quite a special occasion with Smith and his crew also being a part of it. They gave him a special jacket and hat made just for him. They even gave the young lad and his mom a ride in their truck to the court office so that they could make the adoption official. 


Smith even gave Deyvion a high five to tell him how proud he was of him, adding: “He’s extremely special. We don’t always understand why things happen, but we do now.” A Facebook page named Deyvion's Drastic Journey says the fire that burned him originated from a simple candle. Since candles are a huge reason for house fires I suggest the scentsy candles because there is no flame and so much safer than candles especially if you have young children!!!!! Deyvion is proof of how dangerous candles can be!!!!! The page was started when he was two-years-old, in 2015. 


People only had words of kindness for Deyvion. Shirley Brewer wrote: Poor little fellow you know the pain was horrible.thank the Lord someone. has adopted him.i pray he's going to a good loving forever home God you have all ready saved him from that terrible. please heal all his scares mentally and physical. Virginia Berutti wrote: So much heartache and suffering in this world. So hard to believe in such cruelty. And then there’s the flip side - wonderful people who will love him and protect him and hopefully make him whole again. God bless him and his family. Emma Elizabeth Mason shared: It sounds a very happy outcome for that brave little boy, who now has a loving family xx. 


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