Boy Thrown From 'Mall Of America' Balcony Is On The Road To Recovery After Fighting For Life

Boy Thrown From 'Mall Of America' Balcony Is On The Road To Recovery After Fighting For Life

Reports show that the boy is no longer critical. Family said that the boy is now "alert and conscious".

Recently, a five-year-old boy was thrown off the third floor of 'Mall of America' in Minnesota is said to be showing "real signs of recovery, as reported by CNN. In a statement released by the boy's family, the five-year-old will be returning home in the next couple of months. They added that the boy is now "alert and conscious" and no longer in a critical condition. Landen Hoffman had been in critical condition since the unprovoked  April 12 attack at the Minnesota mall, according to reports. Until last week, the boy was kept in the intensive care unit. The family is hoping the boy will be released from the hospital by June, the statement said, as they will now focus on additional surgeries, healing, and rehabilitation. The entire country is praying for the boy's health. In the statement, the family also thanked the community for their continued prayers and support.

"Our miracle child Landen is showing real signs or recovery. New test results have been positive, though he remains in intensive care with a long road ahead. Our faith in God, and our Savior Jesus, is strong and we are gaining more reason for optimism day by day. We continue our request for privacy as we focus on Landen and thank you for respecting our wishes," part of the post on a GoFundMe page says. The family is thanking Jesus for saving their son's life. However, they did mention that the road to recovery seems to be long with many surgeries along the way.


"The road to recovery remains long, but with God and you, we are assured to make it through," the family said. The height from which the boy was thrown was nearly 40 feet. According to the police, 24-year-old Emmanuel Deshawn Aranda is the person responsible for the incident. Aranda apparently picked the boy off the ground and threw him from the third floor of the mall. Aranda has been charged with attempted murder. Aranda told police he had come to the mall a day earlier intending to kill an adult, but that did not "work out," according to the complaint.


According to the criminal complaint, the boy and his mother were standing right outside Rain Forest Café when Aranda came up to them. The mother asked him if he wished for them to move out of the way when he attacked the child. When things did not go according to his plan, Aranda decided to return to the mall the next day and took his anger out on the child. Aranda told police he knew what he was planning to do was wrong. He explained he had visited the mall for years, trying to speak to women there, but they rejected him. Aranda said that made him lash out.


Aranda and the boy had never met or even seen each other before. This was all an act to release all his frustration that was built up over the years. This is not the first time that Aranda has attacked someone at the mall. As per the court records, Aranda was previously ordered to undergo psychological evaluation or treatment after earlier assaults at the mall that led to his temporary banishment. The man responsible for this, Aranda, is currently being held in lieu of $2 million in bail. The next court session for Aranda will be held on May 14.


The boy got lucky with the fall as he suffered broken bones and head trauma from the fall, he managed to sustain any extensive brain damage. The incident was aimed at killing the boy but he managed to survive. After the fall, most people expected the fragile child to have sustained a lot more damage than he did. It really was a miracle that he survived and got away from the fall easier than everyone thought. The GoFundMe page has been set up to help the family clear out the medical costs of the surgeries the boy has and will have to undergo.


The fundraising page set up in Landon's name has gained attention from across the world. There are almost 30,000 supporters on the page who have collectively raised around $1 million so far. "Your love and generosity overwhelms and means so much to us!" Landon's family said in the statement. The family went on to ask for continued support and respect for their privacy as they try to help their son through this shocking ordeal. "Please keep praying for our son and may our loving God bless you and everyone you love," they said. 


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