Cops Are Looking For Missing Non-Verbal Autistic Boy, 3: "I Just Want Him Home"

Cops Are Looking For Missing Non-Verbal Autistic Boy, 3: "I Just Want Him Home"

The family of Braylen Noble is completely devastated after the boy disappeared from their third-floor apartment in Toledo, on Friday.

Image Source: Ohio Missing Persons

Image Source: Ohio Missing Persons

Authorities are looking for a three-year-old autistic boy who went missing from his Ohio home last Friday after probably falling out a window. Family members and volunteers have joined the search with the FBI in Cleveland announcing a $5,000 reward on Sunday for information that leads to the successful recovery of Braylen Noble. Nearly 100 volunteers came together on Monday to search a three-mile radius around the Hunter's Ridge apartment complex and hand out fliers about Noble. The toddler reportedly went missing on from his family's home on Gibraltar Heights Drive in Toledo, on Friday afternoon, reports Daily Mail


Dajnae Cox, the boy's mother tearfully requested for her son to be returned as she took part in the search effort. "If you want to just drop him off somewhere, please drop him off to the police station, you can drop him off here. Call my phone," the devastated mother said through tears while speaking to NBC24. "I know he's crying, I know you can't get him to stop crying. He's being picky, he's not eating and even if he's scared I won't be mad. Please just drop him off to me. I just want him home. That's it." It was previously reported that Noble went missing around 12:30 p.m., just half-an-hour after Cox said that her son may have fallen or jumped out of their third-floor apartment window on the 3400 block of Gibraltar Heights.


During an interview with WTOL11, Cox clarified that she did not witness her son fall out of the window and that it's just an assumption because the window's screen was pushed out when she entered the room. Strengthening her speculation, Cox added that there was no way Noble could have left the house using the front door of the apartment as both she and the boy's grandmother were at home at the time. After being unable to find her son anywhere in the house, Cox rushed downstairs to look for the boy but the search ended in disappointment. 


According to the outlet, a 911 call reporting Noble's disappearance was recently released and it indicated that adults in the family had spent around 30 minutes searching the apartment complex and its surrounding area. Finally, when Noble was nowhere to be found, they contacted the authorities and reported the matter. "I'm hoping he's OK, but we don't know where he's at," a woman named Bobbie could be heard telling the dispatcher on the call. "We walked the whole grounds," she added. Drones were used by officers to conduct a thorough search for the non-verbal boy.


Even K-9 units and dive teams were employed to scour the Swan Creek running behind the apartment complex, but all the efforts were in vain. Despite many rumors on social media, Cox has not been arrested by the police but has been interviewed. Lieutenant Dan Gerken of the Toledo police revealed that the missing boy's family has been absolutely cooperative throughout the process. As emergency crews continued searching for the missing child on Sunday, Noble's grandparents organized a prayer vigil and appealed for his safe return. Speaking to 13ABC, Noble's grandmother Jessie Holloway said, "It’s been stressful. I’m emotionally drained. I’m physically drained but I keep on pushing on." 


"All I want to know… wherever he’s at, whoever has him, please return him. Set him free. There won’t be no problems. Set my grandson free," said Jeffery Holloway. "Somebody knows something. Somebody knows something," continued Jessie. The boy's mother was not present during the vigil. "We’re not here for negativity we’re just here to lift the mom up. She’s going through a rough time and we want to encourage her. We’ve got her back and want to let her know we’re here for her," expressed Noble's great aunt Joy Goings. Braylen Noble was last seen wearing a red and white Mickey Mouse shirt and a pull-up diaper. He does not like loud noise and will respond to the nickname 'Fats' and short phrases 'come here.'

Anyone with information regarding Braylen Noble’s whereabouts is being urged to call law enforcement at 419-255-1111. 

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