Boy Of 11 Diagnosed With Brain Tumor After Being Accused Of Faking Illness By Parents, Docs

Boy Of 11 Diagnosed With Brain Tumor After Being Accused Of Faking Illness By Parents, Docs

Charlie's father, Gary Card, urged parents never to ignore their children and give more importance to what they say after his own son's plight.

The parents, teacher, and doctors of a boy who assumed that he was lying about his illness was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in his brain. Charlie Card, a resident of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England, regularly began missing school at the beginning of this year after complaining about being unwell. Among other things, the 11-year-old was experiencing neck stiffness and fatigue, that his parents thought was a result of him playing Xbox reports Daily Mail. Even his teachers allegedly urged him to "pull his socks up" as they were exasperated by his continued absence in school. 

Source: GoFundMe

When the parents consulted a doctor, the expert diagnosed Charlie with a virus and suggested that he consult a psychologist to confirm if he was imagining his symptoms. Unfortunately, no one wanted to believe that the boy was actually telling the truth about his worsening condition. Finally, on April 22, a visit to an eye specialist confirmed his ailment. After noticing a pressure build-up in the nerves of his eye, which is a common sign of a brain tumor, the expert ordered a scan right away which confirmed their suspicions. That's when the boy's family was told that Charlie had a mass growing for six months and that he had to undergo surgery the following day to remove the majority of the malignant tumor. 


Recalling the amount of time it took for Charlie to get correctly diagnosed, Gary said, "This is a common theme in hospitals. We were told that a GP will never diagnose a brain tumor and if they do it will be once in their whole career. We don't blame the doctors because it is just so common for brain tumors to be dismissed." In a GoFundMe page created for Charlie by his mother Rosie Tams, she mentions how everyone including the doctors refused to believe that their son's symptoms were real. "Then after another hour of Charlie chatting with another pediatric registrar, she came to the conclusion that Charlie needed to see a child psychologist as he was making his symptoms up," she wrote. 


After five-and-a-half-hour brain surgery, 99 percent of the tumor was successfully removed. However, Charlie, who dreamed of being a professional footballer is a completely different person now. Having lost his six-month-old baby brother in 2009 at the same hospital, the boy is now terrified for his own life. "He is terrified because this is the same hospital his brother Hayden passed away in and Charlie knows all about him," said Gary. "Even though he was only 14 months old when he died he has always said he lives his life twice for him."


Today after undergoing grueling chemotherapy and radio, Charlie is merely a shell of his former self, said father, Gary Card. Urging parents never to ignore their children, the 43-year-old former removal porter added, "Listen to the kids if they tell you they are not right. I say to this day that it was Charlie who got himself diagnosed because he wouldn't take no for an answer. Before he was so open, funny, had a wicked sense of humor but now he is a shell of his former self. He won't open up, he has lost so much weight, 90 percent of his hair is gone including his eyebrows and his lips are dry and cracked. He is in constant pain."

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