Bon Jovi Does Dishes At His Charity Restaurant That Serves Food To The Homeless And Hungry

Bon Jovi Does Dishes At His Charity Restaurant That Serves Food To The Homeless And Hungry

His message was simple and clear, too. "If you can’t do what you do... do what you can!"

Image Source: Instagram/jbjsoulkitchen

The world is going through some tough times and everyone, including celebrities, is stepping up to help people however they can. On Thursday, Jon Bon Jovi was pictured washing dishes in the back of his restaurant, JBJ Soul Kitchen, in Red Bank, New Jersey. The photograph was shared on the restaurant's official page. "If you can’t do what you do... do what you can!" read the caption, alongside two other photos showing staff members serving meals and a man approaching the restaurant, reports Today. Bon Jovi also shared the first image on his personal account, with the same caption. 


Soul Kitchen is a non-profit restaurant owned by the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation, where they serve customers, both paying and in-need. Diners have the option of paying for their meals via cash donations, or by volunteering to work and pay for their meals, reports NJ.com. The restaurants don't charge for meals, nor do their menus carry prices of the dishes; instead, they ask patrons who can pay a suggested donation to subsidize the cost for those who can't afford to pay. Diners are also given the option to put in time at the restaurant to work for their meal if they can't pay for it. 


However, owing to the COVID-19 outbreak, JBJ Soul Kitchen is not taking in any more volunteers. Most of us have been asked to stay at home because of the global pandemic. To comply with New Jersey requirements amid the coronavirus pandemic, the restaurant is currently only open for takeout orders for "our in-need community only," according to its website, and is offering revised hours of operation with a limited menu due to the demand for food. 


A couple of months ago, Jon Bon Jovi and his wife Dorothea opened the third location of their volunteer-run restaurant, JBJ Soul Kitchen, at Rutgers University. The Grammy Award winner and his wife have been actively engaged in philanthropic activities through their foundation since 2006. Rutgers University and the singer joined forces to help students struggling with food insecurity. According to the University's website, over 75 percent of the 36,000 undergraduate students receive financial aid, along with the graduate students, who also receive financial aid from the University. 


Thanks to this new venture, students who cannot afford to pay for the food will be able to get a fresh, three-course meal without having to worry about payment. This is the first time Soul Kitchen has been set-up on a college campus. A Rutgers student Adrian Acakios said, "A lot of my friends often times will be like I don’t know where my next meal’s going to come from." Soul Kitchen within the campus is a life-saver for many students. Wife Dorothea Hurley said, "Recognizing that food insecurity is a critical issue facing many college students, and one that hits home right here at Rutgers, when Gourmet Dining came to us over a year ago with the idea to open a Soul Kitchen, we jumped at the chance to make an impact."


The first JBJ Soul Kitchen opened in 2011 in Red Banks. Five years later, in 2016,  the foundation opened its second community restaurant in Toms River, New Jersey. Bon Jovi said, "We opened our first Soul Kitchen ten years in Red Bank, New Jersey after Super Storm Sandy. And the second one on Toms River, because those were the people most impacted by it. Now what we realize is that there were kids in colleges that were hungry. And this was a — logical progression. And Rutgers really embraced the concept." Hurley noted, "People had this romanticized version of the starving student. It’s not as romantic as we would like to think it is.”


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