Bodybuilder Sparks Outrage With Controversial Tinder Bio, Explains His Three Dating Rules, But People See Red

Bodybuilder Sparks Outrage With Controversial Tinder Bio, Explains His Three Dating Rules, But People See Red

This single bodybuilder has three outrageous rules for women. This is why people say online dating is filled with red flags.

Online dating is sort of a trend now. People don't really make the effort to go and ask someone out anymore, at least not as often as they used to. Instead, everyone relies on apps like Tinder to do the job for them. Popular belief has it that online dating is filled with warning signs, unspoken rules, and red flags. While swiping through dating sites we often come across a lot of profiles that have something or the other that is a major turn-off for us. It may be their outfit, the filters they use, their bio, the way they type, and what not. Recently, the internet discovered a man with almost as many red flags someone could possibly have. 27-year-old Kirk is a body-builder who has an amazingly ripped body no doubt. However, what most women were disgusted by was what was in his bio. With three simple rules, he proved how racist, misogynistic, insulting, arrogant, and insecure he is.

His profile was shared on Twitter by a user named Zoe. She shared screenshots of Kirk's profile and shared it on the social media site. She tweeted:I thought I’d give Tinder a go but honestly, it’s fully put me off dating. It isn't really hard to see why she was so put off. Firstly, the picture. Who takes a mirror selfie in the bathroom with no t-shirt on and their shorts pulled down to their ankles? Like, take those shorts off or put them back on properly! Make up your mind! Great body and all that but he needs to learn how to dress well for a selfie.

Source: Twitter

Now, coming to the three rules. His profile reads:

I have 3 rules..
Rule 1, I don’t want to be step dad so no kids unless u have just one… I want my OWN thanks
Rules [sic] 2, if you date black Boys or think about it don’t even text me
Rule 3, I don’t want a time waster or someone who is a bum .. go make your own money u lazy fucks

I have my own 2 bed flat I bought
I body build
I have a German shepherd
I eat a lot
I don’t take shit

So, he's your classic misogynist. It isn't that hard to figure out. How does he even think he can get a match by being so full of himself, racist, and evidently insecure. Most people draw the line at two red flags, this guy's entire profile is covered in red! The people on social media were left angered after his profile was shared by Zoe. 


First up, what's wrong with being a stepdad? If you are on the dating site looking for something serious then it doesn't really matter as long as you actually click with the person. That shouldn't really stop you. Also, his rule is a little flawed because he doesn't want to be a stepdad unless the woman has just one kid? Being a stepdad can be a wonderful thing. Even if being a stepdad is not something that he wants, he can clearly commute this without being misogynistic towards women who are single mothers. There clearly is no need to explain why his second rule offended everyone. In today's world, even borderline racism is not something anyone tolerates and for good reason.


The second rule also shows how insecure he is, something he is just trying to cover up with his phony confidence. Rule number three was just put across in a very rude manner. It's something most people would put on their profiles because no one likes to waste time or be with someone who is going to be completely dependent on you. Just that, maybe he shouldn't have to be so rude, no one likes that. Yeah, bad boys are conventionally hot but being super rude and cocky and full of yourself is not something people look for if they want to actually date the person. 


Most people who commented on Zoe's tweet were horrified by the rules that the man had put up. There weren't a lot of people supporting Kirk or trying to justify what he did. However, there were some men who did point out that there are women with lists too, asking men to be of a certain height, weight, and have a certain income. Arguments were made against these men saying that those lists do not even compare the rules this man put up, especially the second rule. On top of all that, the tone he used to put his rules across was not appreciated at all.


Maybe he is better off in person? You never know to be honest. It's always better to see the good in everyone, right? Or at least, give them a chance to prove themselves. This is one of the reasons why dating sites do not work out so well most times. People aren't genuine enough or given enough time to actually show who they really are. If you do match with someone on a dating site, it isn't always that you get to know them over text, it doesn't work that way. Having a conversation in person always works out better. There are more chances for people to click. Not everything works out over the phone. 

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