This 'Cooling' Weighted Blanket Promises To Give You The Chills And Help You Sleep Like A Baby

This 'Cooling' Weighted Blanket Promises To Give You The Chills And Help You Sleep Like A Baby

This is the perfect blanket for people who tend to sweat while they are sleeping. BlanQuil Chill will definitely give you the rest you deserve at night.

Do you own one of those weighted blankets yet? If not, you should definitely think about getting one right away. After all celebrities from The Bachelor and the likes of Kourtney Kardashian are totally smitten by it! It's the best thing to get for yourself if you have trouble sleeping at night. Apart from being extremely comfortable, they also help with the proper distribution of body heat. Of course, there are several types of them but we are here to tell you about the best one! BlanQuil has come up with its new cooling blanket and it has to be the best one in the market so far!


If you're a hot sleeper then BlanQuil Chill is right up your alley. Like the other blankets in this brand, this one is also a weighted blanket. What separates it from the rest is the way it's designed specifically for people who sweat profusely while sleeping. It wicks away all the moisture and heat created by one's body providing you a sound and comfortable sleeping experience. Although it's not as heavy as the regular BlanQuil it surely doesn't compromise on its quality.


According to a review provided by House Beautiful US, the 15 lb model helped her sleep instantly while keeping her from waking up all night. There are definitely some noticeable distinctions that make it unique as compared to the others in the range. You definitely need to know some of its features before you jump right into buying it. The cooling effect that they keep talking about is indeed true. Have you ever noticed how the other side of your pillow is cooler than the one you've placed your head on? So this blanket has the same feeling when you first lay it over your body.


Of course, this cooling sensation doesn't last you all night, but it definitely stays cold for about 15-20 minutes giving you enough time to fall asleep. The Chill starts warming up soon after this, thus regulating your body temperature throughout the quill. You might not be able to experience the quill warming up because there's a high chance that you might pass out immediately. 



The weighted blanket comes in two different options of 15 and 20 lb and you can take your pick. The website also provides a link helping one to decide the one that's best suited for them. Introducing the new version they wrote on their website: "Now, with the introduction of our BlanQuil Chill, we have combined the same celebrated feeling of security, anxiety reduction, calm, and coziness while entering a new campaign in the quest for ultimate comfort. Unsurpassed temperature regulation. Hot sleepers rejoice!" 


They also elaborate on the function of the cover: The BlanQuil Chill uses cutting-edge fabric designed to usher away and disperse body heat creating a cooler, personally adjusted experience. The BlanQuil Chill's ultra-breathable fabric wicks away moisture and actively absorbs body heat making the cover noticeably cool to the touch. You will enjoy the unmistakable active cooling of the BlanQuil Chill from the instant you enter your cocoon through the first 15-20 minutes of use, allowing you plenty of time to drift comfortably into sleep.


The only problem that the reviewer faced with her's was the sliding off of the blanket from her body while sleeping. This downside has a lot to do with the silky fabric finish unlike the others in the range that has a more velvety feel. That being said it could come as a blessing for those who turn hot while sleeping and don't require a heavy blanket to keep them warm all night. Due to the lighter weight it easier to slide off and doesn't require much effort to do so.



The best part about it has to be the removable covers, which is washing machine friendly. It also comes with a dryer safe option so if you're a bit clumsy who often ends up spilling food items on new things, you don't have to worry about it! Now, let's talk about its pricing point. The company has set the cost at $299, but they are now providing it at a discounted price of $249 on their website! What are you waiting for, get your "Deep Touch Stimulation" blanket now!


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