Bird Under Arrest After Its Owner Was Caught Shoplifting

Bird Under Arrest After Its Owner Was Caught Shoplifting

The bird perched on the suspect's shoulder during the time of arrest and the Dutch police saw it fit to enclose them together due to the lack of a birdcage.

A colorful bird had to be detained in a Dutch police station after it's owner was arrested for shoplifting. According to Fox 5, the Politie Utrecht of the Netherlands posted a photo of the bird detainee on their Instagram. “Hi, this bird sat on the shoulder of a thief we arrested for shoplifting,” the post read. “As we don't have a birdcage, this bird had no other place to stay than in the cell.” The police then mentioned that the bird was detained only with the owner's permission. 


“When the owner was released shortly after, the bird accompanied him,” the police said.  The orange, red and green-colored bird was not questioned and “as far as we know not guilty of any charges,” police said, with a combination of 'happy' and 'police' emoticons. The kind-hearted policemen also fed the bird a sandwich, lest it was hungry after the shoplifting experience. Apparently, the Dutch media reported the crime, but with a twist. 


They reportedly covered the bird's eyes with a black bar to conceal its identity. One person took to Twitter to share the funny moment: "Thinking about how the Dutch police arrested a bird for taking part in a robbery, put it in a jail cell with bread and water & when the media reported on it they put a little black bar over the face to protect its identity." The first update from the Politie Utrecht of the Netherlands was about how they found an unlikely criminal. 


According to Metro, they wrote, "During the arrest, we found a sneaky witness with feathers and beak on the suspect’s shoulder. We were shocked to find out that we are not in possession of a bird cell or cage. After proper consultation with the suspect, we have enclosed them together." The police also revealed that the bird was well-taken care of.  However, this seemed like a fun incident to a lot of people who appreciated the arrest. 


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