Bill Gates To Donate $150 Million Towards Coronavirus Vaccine So It Doesn't Cost People More Than $3

Bill Gates To Donate $150 Million Towards Coronavirus Vaccine So It Doesn't Cost People More Than $3

“We’re trying to make sure we can end it not just in the rich countries,” Gates said in an interview.

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On Friday, Bill Gates announced that his foundation would donate $150 million towards Coronavirus vaccines, so that, when found, they can be made available to some of the poorer countries in the world, as per VOX. The Gates Foundation will hand over the money to the Serum Institute, the largest manufacturer of vaccines globally by volume, to produce 100 million doses that would cost a maximum of just $3 each. The latest financial commitment from the Gates Foundation brings the total amount of money dedicated to the pandemic to around $500 million. Over the last two decades, the second-richest person in the world has donated $4 billion on the global vaccine development effort known as GAVI.


For months since the pandemic, the billionaire has expressed his concerns about how the poor countries will crumble under the weight of the pandemic, because they won't be able to afford medicines and treatment, unlike the rich countries. “We’re trying to make sure we can end it not just in the rich countries,” Gates said in an interview with Bloomberg earlier this week, stressing that he is concentrating on the vaccines in development that would be affordable in the developing world, such as the ones being pursued by the pharmaceutical companies AstraZeneca and Novavax. “Those are the ones most scalable and low-cost.”


Basically, the affordability of the vaccine will also depend on the ones which prove to be most effective as well. There are over 100 vaccines in trial and around 28 of them have undergone human trials. In an interview with WIRED, Gates said, "Because of the way you manufacture them, and the difficulty of scaling up, they are more likely — if they are helpful — to help in the rich countries. They won't be the low-cost, scalable solution for the world at large." Gates has also mentioned that has spoken with multiple high ranking officials in the White House about the involvement of the US regarding the global scale of the pandemic, but they haven't shown up to any of the GAVI meetings.


So, Gates is now pressuring lawmakers in the upcoming relief bill to commit more money to GAVI and not succumb to “vaccine nationalism.” “I’ve talked to Pence, I’ve talked to Mnuchin, Pompeo — particularly on the issue of, ‘Is the US showing up in terms of providing money to procure the vaccine for the developing countries?’” he told WIRED. “There have been lots of meetings, but we haven’t been able to get the US to show up.” There is a lot of effort and money that is being put into discovering vaccines for the virus, and at this point, the least you can do to help curb the spread of the virus is to wear a mask. 


Ricardo D'Abreau shared on Facebook: I have a tremendous amount of respect for Bill Gates. I personally know some folks that believes that Bill Gates is running some type of evil empire but these are the same folks that don’t volunteer or give back to humanity. They are paranoid selfish greedy individuals. Patrick Marsh shared: Well his foundation has been a the forefront of the effort to cure endemic diseases in Africa for decades and he isnt just talking he is putting money, billions into the effort. Id say that gives him the right to sit at the table. Azlan Ismail added: So impressed with him and his wife. One of the more exemplary Americans out there. Good job to both.


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