"She Empowers All Of Us To Surpass Greatness": Beyoncé Writes Heartwarming Essay On Michelle Obama

"She Empowers All Of Us To Surpass Greatness": Beyoncé Writes Heartwarming Essay On Michelle Obama

The touching essay was written for 'Time's Most Influential People 2019'. She's long since fostered a deep sense of respect and affection for the former First Lady.

Time's Most Influential People 2019 recently came out and this year, Beyoncé stole the show with her touching essay for former First Lady, Michelle Obama. There is no questioning the good work Michelle Obama has done for the people and the courage and confidence she carries. Beyoncé praises Michelle Obama as a "brilliant black woman" and "beacon of hope" in a personal essay written for Time magazine's list of 100 most influential people. In the essay, the singer recalled the first time the two powerful ladies met. The singer described the former first lady as a "warm, regal, confident woman." The two women evidently have a lot of love and respect for each other as this isn't the first time they have praised and supported one another. Michelle Obama has often spoken about Beyoncé and even calling her smart, creative, and a "great mother" in the past.

Recently, the singer dropped an amazing Netflix documentary called Homecoming and another40-track album. In the middle of all that and parenthood, Beyoncé found the time to pay tribute to the former First Lady, Michelle Obama. The essay written by the multi-talented artist was extremely touching. 'When I first met her, I was embraced by a warm, regal, confident woman who possessed a reassuring calm, on the eve of President Obama’s historic first Inauguration,' the singer wrote.


'The way she looked, walked and spoke, in that warm but authoritative tone, we saw our mothers and sisters,' she continued. 'She was strong and ambitious and spoke her mind without sacrificing honesty or empathy. That takes a lot of courage and discipline. She even spoke about how much of an impact Michelle Obama had by just being the first ever African-American First Lady. Sure it was an achievement but she also definitely made the most of the power she had gained and that is something everyone truly appreciates.


She would’ve been impactful simply by being in the White House, the first African-American First Lady. But she also used her position of power to improve the world around her. Her initiative Reach Higher, for example, encourages young people to complete their education past high school. She empowers all of us to interrogate our fears and surpass greatness, Beyoncé wrote. The former FLOTUS used the power she had to improve the quality of life among the poor people in the country, encouraged higher education and healthy living as well. 


Even after finishing her term as the First Lady, Michelle Obama makes sure to do as much as she can to make the world a better place even today. She recently won the award for the Most Admired Woman in 2018 by the Gallup Poll and deserved to do so. Bey added that she's "honored to know such a brilliant black woman" and feels "so grateful" that her children "live in a world where Michelle Obama shines as a beacon of hope who inspires all of us to do better and to be better."


Michelle Obama and Beyoncé have personally known each other for years now.  In addition to their meet-ups at the White House, they also hugged it out at the 2015 Global Citizen Festival and Obama has been spotted supporting the singer at her shows. In fact, Michelle Obama even gave a shout out to the singer after the Netflix documentary was released. The former First Lady tweeted "So proud of my girl! @Beyonce, thank you for always living your truth. #Homecoming" The post even included a video recorded message for Beyoncé. 


"Hey queen!" began Obama. "Girl, you have done it again, constantly raising the bar for us all and doing it flawlessly. I'd say I'm surprised, but I know who you are. I've seen it up close and personal. Girl, you make me so proud, and I love you," Obama said before praising Homecoming for being "informed by the black leaders, thinkers, and poets who've paved the way for folks like us." She added, "I love that it's both a celebration and a call to action," continued Obama. "And I love that you're using this film to inspire the next generation of history makers and record breakers who'll run the world in the years ahead."


In conclusion, she said, "To you, my dear friend, I just want to say: Keep telling the truth, because you can do it in a way that no one else can." 




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