Best Friends Use Their Tooth Fairy Money To Buy Toilet Paper For Their Elderly Neighbors

Best Friends Use Their Tooth Fairy Money To Buy Toilet Paper For Their Elderly Neighbors

They came up with the idea after they realized that the shelves at supermarkets were emtpy because everyone was stocking up.

Image Source: Petrina McGuire

There is a global panic, thanks to the coronavirus outbreak. People have now been stocking up and aisles and shelves in supermarkets are empty! Items most in demand are dry produce, hand sanitizers, soaps, and of course, toilet papers - so much that people are now fighting over it - and this is exactly why two girls decided to take matters into their own hands. These best friends, from Far North Queensland, Australia, have won the hearts of millions on social media for their kindness, especially at such a young age. They decided to break open their tooth-fairy funds to procure and deliver toilet paper to the elderly.


Addyson McGuire, 6, reportedly came up with the idea when she went grocery shopping with her mom. Addyson's mom, Petrina McGuire, told Daily Mail that they were walking through the toilet paper aisle of a supermarket on Friday when her daughter noticed there were only a few rolls of toilet paper left on the shelves. She asked her mom why there was a shortage and the answer made her upset. She was sad to find out that people were indulging in panic-buying, and not leaving enough for everyone to use. Shortly after, Addyson had an idea to tackle the situation that touched her mother's heart. 


"Addyson asked if she could buy some [toilet paper and tissues] to hand out to those that may have missed out using money she had saved from the tooth fairy," her mother shared. So, Addyson, along with her friend Lucy, 4, went door-to-door, handing out toilet rolls to those who really needed it. Petrina then took a picture of these two "fairies" in action and shared it on social media. "Loaded with toilet paper and tissues they purchased with pocket money and are walking around pensioner cottages seeing if they need any," Petrina wrote in the post's caption. It didn't really take too long for the photo to go viral and it's got over 5.6k shares to date.


Petrina then added that all of their neighbors were touched by this random act of kindness, especially from kids as young as Addyson and Lucy. "The pensioners loved having them knock on the door and ask if they would like some as the shops run out. ... some people needed some and were very grateful," the mom revealed. She added that the reason she decided to share the photo was because there's been too much negativity spreading around. "There has been so much negativity lately and just wanted to share something positive," she added. Thanks to these girls, a lot of recipients returned the favor, too. 

Source: Petrina McGuire

Apparently, an elderly woman gave them a bag of "fairy crystals" in exchange for toilet paper. And another man brought some toilet paper to a man across the street who had been unwell and couldn't stock up on his own. Hopefully, people will take a page out of these girls' book and use them, and learn to share with the rest of the world. Unsurprisingly, people had much to say on social media. Marian Byrne shared: Why don't the Adults who are behaving like children in Supermarket think on the lines of these young children that's what I call caring about others.

Source: Petrina McGuire

Mae Charisse shared: Good for these little angels. While the adults engage in nasty fights in the supermarket on who gets the most toilet paper. Anne Marie shared: you two very lovely girls I know your mum and dad think you to wonderful please be careful people are very mean and are fighting over loo paper please became careful I think you two girls are wonderful thank you. Bonita Derech also wrote: God bless them! They were raised right!!! Makes me so happy. Girls keep up your mission it will make you better people!!! 

Source: Facebook/ Petrina McGuire

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