Ben Affleck Says Giving Back To The Community Is A "Really Powerful Thing To Do"

Ben Affleck Says Giving Back To The Community Is A "Really Powerful Thing To Do"

The 'Batman' actor recently opened up about his support for The Midnight Mission, a homeless shelter that aims at enabling society's least fortunate.

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Cover Image Source: IMDb

Back in October, Hollywood star Ben Affleck drew everyone's attention when he turned to an exclusive celebrity dating app, Raya. Speaking to Page Six at the time, an insider said, "He seems to want a real partner and is not looking to date a celebrity. He is private and is in a good space right now. He has his kids and is focusing on work, but is ready to be in love again." When the time arrived for the Batman actor to address these claims, he used the opportunity to speak about a cause that is very close to his heart. 


 After everyone found out that he was using the app, the 47-year-old hilariously accepted the fact on his Instagram handle and wrote: HA, you got me. I’m dating. But instead of elaborating on the matter, he stopped to make a note of the incredible organization named The Midnight Mission. But let’s be serious for a moment and talk about something that is actually important, he wrote, adding that helping those in need is a part of his own recovery. I have been in recovery for over a year and part of that is helping out others, read the post. 


Describing the important work of this homeless shelter that helps people in need including the ones battling additions in Los Angeles, he continued: @themidnightmission is an incredible organization that helps those in need with housing, training, development, and recovery. Affleck then asked Raya if they would join him in making a donation. I’m making a donation today because there are people battling addiction every day that don’t have the resources and need help. @raya, you in? Who else is with me? Click the link in my bio to donate, he stated.


Affleck, who supports the organization's efforts, first learned about The Midnight Mission through a parent at one of his kids' schools. During an interview with PEOPLE, he said, "I found that I get a lot out of giving a little bit of my time to other people. I don’t know that it helps them or not, but I know it’s helpful to me." Founded in 1914, The Midnight Mission has been serving society's most needy with a range of programs that focuses on education, recovery and workforce development. Affleck, who has been very open about his struggles with addiction, identifies the connection he shares with those the mission focuses on helping. 


"It’s easy to sort of throw up your hands and say there’s nothing you can do," noted Affleck who believes that there are many who want to turn their life around but are unable to do so without help. "But the truth is there are people who want to make their lives better, who are struggling, who need help and who you can benefit by even doing a little bit, giving a little bit of money or a little bit of time. It’s just a really powerful thing to do to be able to connect with people."


He went on to reveal the reason behind his support for the organization. "For me, working with that organization has been really positive and rewarding. Just to see people getting healthier, thriving, emerging, picking up skills — it makes a difference. One thing we have as public figures is the opportunity to bring some exposure to organizations that are doing work that we believe in. And that’s definitely the case with the Midnight Mission," he explained. "They are a worthy organization. They do a lot of good work and I would encourage anyone to support them."


Back in 2018, the Argo actor publically admitted to his struggles with alcohol. "You’re trying to make yourself feel better with eating or drinking or sex or gambling or shopping or whatever. But that ends up making your life worse. Then you do more of it to make that discomfort go away. Then the real pain starts. It becomes a vicious cycle you can’t break. That’s at least what happened to me." Now, he's sober and is promoting the sports drama The Way Back, which follows the story of a former basketball star and alcoholic who comes back to his alma mater to coach the team. While doing so, he learns how to help himself. 


This film was the actor's first project after his completion of a 40-day stay at a treatment center last October. Raving about the experience of making The Way Back, Affleck said, "Gavin [director Gavin O’Connor] and the extraordinary cast of young actors who played the basketball players made me better every day and reminded me why I wanted to be an actor 25 years ago—simply because I love it." 

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