Ben Affleck Says 'It's Important For My Kids To Know I Respect And Care' About Jennifer Garner

Ben Affleck Says 'It's Important For My Kids To Know I Respect And Care' About Jennifer Garner

Ben Affleck, who was married to Jennifer Garner for ten years, says he is "very lucky she is the mother of his children."

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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner may no longer be married, but the two of them have always made sure to be united for their three kids, Violet, 14, Seraphina, 11, and Sam, 8, reports People. “When you have children with somebody you’re connected to them forever,” says Affleck, who was married to the actress for ten years. “And I’m very lucky she is the mother of my children.” The actor, 47, opened up about alcoholism, his sobriety and how grateful he is for Garner’s support in his recovery. “I’m very grateful and respectful of her,” he says of Garner, also 47. “Our marriage didn’t work, and that’s difficult. Both of us really believe that it’s important for kids to see their parents respect one another and get along, whether they’re together or not.”


After a three-year separation, Affleck called their divorce in 2018 “the biggest regret of my life," during an interview with The New York Times. “My parents got divorced when I was young and I know how painful that is, and I knew that they [my kids] would have to go through that publicly. But kids are resilient. They appreciate the truth.” He and Garner are committed to co-parenting their children and the two of them are often seen together at school events. “It’s important for my kids to know that I respect and care about Jen and she treats me the same way,” he says. “I have a lot of respect and gratitude toward her. And I wish her the very best.”


He publically admitted his struggles with alcoholism in 2018, and considers his road to recovery as “one step forward, two steps back.” Affleck said, “You’re trying to make yourself feel better with eating or drinking or sex or gambling or shopping or whatever. But that ends up making your life worse. Then you do more of it to make that discomfort go away. Then the real pain starts. It becomes a vicious cycle you can’t break. That’s at least what happened to me.” He cleared his throat. “I drank relatively normally for a long time. What happened was that I started drinking more and more when my marriage was falling apart. This was 2015, 2016. My drinking, of course, created more marital problems.”


Affleck grew up seeing his dad drunk almost every day. "My dad didn’t really get sober until I was 19,” Affleck said. “The older I’ve gotten, the more I recognize that my dad did the best he could. There’s a lot of alcoholism and mental illness in my family. The legacy of that is quite powerful and sometimes hard to shake. It took me a long time to fundamentally, deeply, without a hint of doubt, admit to myself that I am an alcoholic,” he added. “The next drink will not be different.” He then said, “One of the things about recovery that I think people sometimes overlook is the fact that it inculcates certain values. Be honest. Be accountable. Help other people. Apologize when you’re wrong.”


He says he feels shame but has moved past it. “Shame is really toxic. There is no positive byproduct of shame. It’s just stewing in a toxic, hideous feeling of low self-worth and self-loathing.” Then, he said,  “It’s not particularly healthy for me to obsess over the failures — the relapses — and beat myself up.  have certainly made mistakes. I have certainly done things that I regret. But you’ve got to pick yourself up, learn from it, learn some more, try to move forward.” He is now starring in a new sports drama called The Way Back, and this is possibly one of the reasons that led him to open up about his struggle with alcohol abuse. 


In the movie, he plays an alcoholic basketball coach hired by his alma mater to bring a team of underdogs to a championship, inspiring them to face all kinds of challenges. “It’s an uplifting movie,” he says. “Yes, there is addiction and alcoholism and divorce and real problems that real people go through but it’s also about the way in which we can overcome adversity and we can change and grow.” “The Way Back” is directed by Gavin O’Connor (“The Accountant,” also starring Affleck and a surprise hit) from a script by O’Connor and Brad Ingelsby (“Out of the Furnace”). It cost Warner Bros. and Bron Studios about $25 million to make and was primarily shot in San Pedro, Los Angeles. The Way Back opens March 6.  


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