A Bear Has Been Sentenced To Death For Attacking Hikers

A Bear Has Been Sentenced To Death For Attacking Hikers

The bear attacked 59-year-old Fabio Misseroni and his 28-year-old son Christian.

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A brown bear who attacked a father and son duo while they were on a hiking trail in the northern region of Trentino has been sentenced to death. Now, animal rights activists fighting to lift the sentence. The sentence came as a result of an attack that 59-year-old Fabio Misseroni and his 28-year-old son Christian Misseroni were recently subjected to. The incident took place on Monday last week, while the two were busy hiking on a path on Mount Pellar. They recalled the brown bear suddenly leaping out of nowhere onto their path. 


The bear first attacked Christian and bit his leg. In a bid to stop the animal from harming his son, his father Fabio jumped on to it's back. Christian used this opportunity to escape, he told CNN. The bear then turned his attention towards the father, grabbed and bit him. This brutal force left Fabio with three fractures in his leg. Meanwhile, his son began jumping up and down and clapping his hands to distract the bear from his father. He recalled that the bear then turned and ran off into the woods. 


Per the regulations of Italy's National Institute for Environmental Protection and Research, bears that attack humans are supposed to be euthanized. Following the shocking attack, the governor of Trentino Maurizio Fugatti retaliated by signing a cull order for the bear's capture and killing. Authorities are currently trying to identify the bear responsible for last week's attack through the DNA derived from the saliva and fur left in the claw and bite wounds on the clothing of the father and son. In recent years, authorities have seen quite a rise in bear attacks. Local authorities have been tracking them by collecting fur, saliva, and feces to get derive their DNA. This DNA database is then used to match the animals with the assistance of surveillance cameras.


While some have been supporting the recent cull order, many have been calling for the government to leave the bear involved in the attack alone, at least until the circumstances surrounding the case are made clearer. Although the father and son have denied any provocative behavior from their end, the Italian animal rights groups Animalisti Italiani and the World Wide Fund for Nature have urged the local government to stop the cull order until a full investigation is carried out into the matter and it is revealed whether the victims did anything like taunting the bear first before it attacked them.


A World Wide Fund for Nature petition was started a few days ago and has already received 22,580 signatures as of Tuesday to save the bear and demand an immediate ban on the death sentence of the animal. To this, the Italian environment minister Sergio Costa responded by showing his support for the organization. In a letter, he explained that he was against the culling of the animal and noted that the bear might have been a female protecting her cubs. "Only after collecting certain scientific information on the animal involved in the accident with the two citizens, we will be able to evaluate technical solutions that, in my opinion, must not result in killing the animal," Costa wrote to Fugatti. 


The news of this attack comes shortly after another nail-biting encounter with a brown bear in the northern region of Italy. In the clip, a 12-year-old boy named Alessandro could be seen walking slowly towards his stepfather as a brown bear creeps up behind him. The stepfather can be heard coaxing the boy and instructing him to slowly move towards him as he says, "Come, come, Ale." The bear continues following him as they move slowly through the bushes, then the animal suddenly loses interest. 

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