Bean Bag Onesies Exist And You Never Have To Look For A Place To Sit

Bean Bag Onesies Exist And You Never Have To Look For A Place To Sit

Now you no longer have to go looking for an empty spot to take a quick breather!

Image Source: Twitter/ThinkGeek

Listen, it's really uncomfortable to stand when all you want to do is sit down and let out a huge sigh. I, for one, hate it when I find myself in a situation where there are just no chairs to sit; like at a busy restaurant where I have to wait outside in a queue. It takes away from that enthusiasm because, by the time I get a table, I'm exhausted. Now, that's a situation that no one should wish upon themselves. However, it seems that God (or someone) has heard my prayers and they have created a bean bag onesie. While I may look like a bee wearing it, I will never spend another minute feeling uncomfortable.


For real, this is a soft, cozy, and irresistible onesie that provides you with all the warmth you need while yielding the extra comfort that you're desperately seeking. Basically, it is a onesie that's got a bean bag attached to its rear end. A onesie in itself is so comfortable, but an amalgamation with a bean bag is simply divine. According to a report by Insider, the genius mind behind this fleece "Bean Bag Onesie" is ThinkGeek, who specially designed this product to allow folks to seat themselves wherever and whenever they wish to. The bean bag attire comes in Gumby green color which in my opinion is pretty amazing. The bag itself is filled with cotton and polyester fiber mix and polystyrene balls, as per Odditymall


Apart from the "junk in the trunk", it also comes with a hoodie sewn in, providing the ultimate comfort. Like I said before, the design makes you looked like Kim Kardashian West from behind, but it's totally worth it. Imagine being stuck in a long line. All you need to do is find a place to plonk yourself down and relax. See, it's double the work to bring along a chair or a stool. It's extra baggage, but with this Bean Bag Onesie, you don't have to lug around heavy furniture, it's already "behind" you, quite literally. In contrast to its lightweight, the innovative onesie comes with a hefty price tag of $89.99. BUTT, is that really a price to pay for comfort. 


Okay, can I say that I ought to feel bad by now because this was an April Fool's prank. HOWEVER, I think it's time for us to petition for one. Despite being a prank, the video released by the company managed to fool most of its customers, with some still hoping that it might be launched in the near future. Well, a prank or not, Id love to invest in an item like this. Now that they've come about with this idea, I think it's amazing if the folks over at ThinkGeek actually design and release this amazing apparel/furniture. Honestly, spending money on furniture is every bachelor's worst nightmare and this might put sofa companies out of business, don't you think so?


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