Bean Bag Onesies Are A Thing Now And You Can Stay Seated Anywhere You Go

Bean Bag Onesies Are A Thing Now And You Can Stay Seated Anywhere You Go

This ultra-comfy piece of clothing has a bean bag attached to its rear and it is the most comfortable item for those looking to sit wherever they go.

Are you one of those who would choose to stay in the comfort of their homes than going out? Well, here's some good news for all those couch potatoes who just cannot bear to spend another minute standing up while doing some chore or visiting someone. There exists a soft, cozy, and irresistible onesie that provides you all the warmth you need while granting you the extra comfort that you're desperately seeking. No, I'm not exaggerating one bit and you'll know that for sure after you see the ultra-comfy piece of clothing which has a bean bag attached to its rear. 



The moment has arrived when we can finally witness the fusion of two of the most snug items that we cannot imagine a lazy day without. According to a report by Insider, the genius mind behind this fleece "Bean Bag Onesie" is ThinkGeek, who specially designed this product to allow folks to seat themselves wherever and whenever they wish to. The bean bag attire comes in Gumby green color which in my opinion is pretty amazing. The bag itself is filled with cotton and polyester fiber mix and polystyrene balls, as per Odditymall


Apart from the showstopping bag attachment, the onesie is completed with a hoodie sown to it which surely is the cherry on top. Although the design might look a little bulky, it sure has its own perks. For instance, imagine standing in a long, never-ending queue, which you can't possibly leave until your work is done. Of course, no one would be okay with you bringing along a chair to be seated. Moreover, you might not even want to take that much effort to simply sit down while you're there. This is exactly where the unique onesie comes into play. 





No extra baggage or effort. Just put on the soft attire to get the best of both worlds. It could even come in handy while you're visiting a friend who had scarce furniture. I mean, why not carry your comfort with you when its this easy? In contrast to its lightweight, the innovative onesie comes with a hefty price tag of $89.99. But what's that price in the face of such an adorably comfortable wear? And while I'd surely urge you guys to get your hands on the product while you can, it was an April fool's prank from the folks over at ThinkGeek. 

However, the video released by the company managed to fool most of its customers, with some still hoping that it might be launched in the near future. Well, a prank or not, Id love to invest in an item like this. What are your thoughts?


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