Women Can Officially Swim Topless In City Pools In Barcelona

Women Can Officially Swim Topless In City Pools In Barcelona

After investigating the complaints regarding municipal pools discriminating between genders, the council has announced that women can indeed swim in public (indoor and outdoor) pools topless.

Barcelona city council has finally confirmed that women are allowed to swim topless in both indoor and outdoor city-run pools after receiving several complaints about the widespread inconsistencies of the 'gender dress' laws. A Catalonia campaign group, Mugrons Lliures, lodged a complaint about the prevailing discrepancies in the rules of certain pools regarding topless bathing. This led to a full-blown investigation into this matter revealed the council in a statement as per CNN


According to a report by Daily Mail, protestors supporting this group claimed how a woman was asked to cover herself and wear both parts of her two-piece bikini as it was against the law to go topless. After carrying out the aforementioned investigation, the council released a report at the end of June this year. They located several municipal pools that maintained certain rules that restricted women's rights in specific parts of the facility informed the council. Following such findings, the council's office against discrimination sent out instructions, reminding these pools about the right to equality. 


The authorities have now ruled that no pool in Barcelona can discriminate if a woman desires to go topless during her swimming session as men do the same. They also mentioned how the pool officials could not differentiate between swimming trunks and bikini bottoms. Every sports center was sent a reminder from the Office for Non-Discrimination (OND) about allowing 'topless' swimming for women in every space as not doing so would be a 'discriminatory' practice that witnesses the setting of a particular dress code based on gender. 


A Barcelone council spokeswoman told CNN in an interview that there was no written rule dictating people what they can and cannot wear at municipal pools, however, discriminating on the basis of gender was prohibited. She further mentioned how this practice was not a new thing in this city of Spain. "At most municipal pools, it has been completely normal for women to go topless for some time," revealed the spokeswoman while speaking to CNN. "This is not a new initiative."


Deputy Mayor Janet Sanz also spoke about the matter and stressed on the fact that topless bathing was never restricted in any of the municipal swimming pools according to Daily Mail. She further mentioned the steps taken by the OND on this matter. Emphasizing their goal she said that "all women who want to do 'topless' can do it" without any hesitation at public or private municipal centers. "The Mugrons Lliures entity presented a complaint to the OND, which argued that the regulations that regulate clothing based on gender are discriminatory, so it recommends that municipal centres with swimming pools withdraw any regulations that prohibit the 'topless' in their spaces," said Sanz.


After the issuance of the said reminders, if any pool refutes to comply with the said rules, they might be fined. According to Daily Mail, the page that lodged this complaint last year to Ombudsman was exhilarated on hearing about the outcome of this grievance. In a Twitter post, the page wrote: SERVICE INFORMATION @ bcn_ajuntament has asked Municipal Sports Centers to review regulations and remove those that prohibit the topless. At @CemCiutadella, they have made the change and are waiting for the rest. Cc @CNAB_oficial, @clubsclaror Bcn is more equal and free! Now, Mugrons Lliure hopes that this norm applies to every pool all across the country soon. In a Twitter post. 


Reacting to this tweet several people expressed their elation. @mugronslliures wrote: Congratulations! And if they prevent you from exercising your rights, complain to the center and @ bcn_ajuntament and let us know. We continue to fight everywhere so that there is not even a standing il·legal rule! Good dive! Another user expressed: Great news. Women have exactly the same right as men to carry the nipples in the air. Every part of the body of men and women of all ages has the same right to see the light, respect and coexistence in diversity.


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