Barack Obama Surprises Kids At After-School Program, Plays Softball With Them And Makes Their Day

Barack Obama Surprises Kids At After-School Program, Plays Softball With Them And Makes Their Day

Obama took some time off of his busy schedule writing his memoir (set to be released next year) to visit the kids at the Washington Nationals Youth Baseball Academy’s after-school program on Wednesday.

Wherever former President Barack Obama goes, he makes an impression. A group of children, as well as adults at the Washington Nationals Youth Baseball Academy’s after-school program, got the special Obama treatment on Wednesday when he showed of up for a game of softball and engaged in various other fun activities. Looking cool in sunglasses, a polo, and slim-fit pants, the 57-year-old was the highlight of a star-struck group of people. In a video that is doing the rounds on Twitter, Obama can be seen swinging his baseball in a shot that pros would agree was good. However, the ever-modest Obama told a group of boys’ team and girls’ team facing off in a softball scrimmage that his skills at the game weren’t great.  According to People, he said, "My game is so raggedy that, if it was captured on camera that I struck out, it would be super embarrassing." Obama who has a packed schedule ahead of the release of his memoir, took some time out of writing his much-anticipated book to be released early next year, to offer some words of wisdom that the children could use. "If you guys work hard in school and listen to your coaches, you guys are going to do great things. Alright? So, I’m going to be on the lookout for you. I think you’re going to do something important. You guys are going to make a real difference," Obama told the kids. Besides baseball, he was also appointed as a quarterback in a pickup football game.





The event was organized by Major League Baseball’s Washington Nationals for the youth in the Southeast DC wards surrounding the team’s stadium. Besides the sports activities, there was also a farmers' market as part of the event that Obama also visited. Chanelle Waterstrat, 13,  one of the children who were at the event said, "We wanted to see him hit. We were expecting maybe a grounder. We were shocked. He hit a double — on the first pitch! He said his game was trashed. Yeah. It wasn’t trashed." Another child, Steven Osborne, 10, who is in 5th grade spoke about the pass that Obama threw to him after which he ran it in for a touchdown.




"He threw it strong, but it kinda wasn’t straight. The guys jumped on me. I heard Barack Obama say 'Where’s my man?' And he said 'good job' and he helped me up," said Osborne. He also revealed that he was born the same year Obama was first elected President in 2009. The former president also took some questions from eager students. Waterstrat said, "We asked him about the current president. And we asked him to come back." Obama also told the student athletes that it was up to them to work hard. He said,  "When I see what you guys are doing, I think everybody here, if you guys work hard — work hard in school, listen to your coaches — you guys are going to do great things."





After spending time with the children, he proceeded to the farmers' market.  As he left, some children told Obama, “We love you!” to which he replied, “Love you, too!” Later he tweeted about the event and wrote: Great to get out there and take a few cuts at the plate yesterday—I had a blast with all these extraordinary young people. Thanks for letting me drop in and thanks to the Nationals Youth Academy for the outstanding work you do to support youth in DC.


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