Barack Obama, 58, Looks In Incredible Shape As He Paddleboards Shirtless In Hawaii

Barack Obama, 58, Looks In Incredible Shape As He Paddleboards Shirtless In Hawaii

The former President sent the internet into a tizzy when images of him paddleboarding shirtless surfaced online.

Image Source: Barack Obama Attends Campaign Rally For Pennsylvania Democrats In Philadelphia. PHILADELPHIA, PA - SEPTEMBER 21. (Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images)

Barack Obama may no longer be the President of the United States, but he has definitely assumed a new position in some of our lives. He is officially America's hottest daddy. With that salt and pepper hair, charming smile, and, well, slick dad bod, it's really not our fault that we're a little... thirsty (for the lack of a better term). And if that photo from Thanksgiving of him being a loving caring (actual) father wasn't enough, America's paps have finally given us something to be thankful for: shirtless photos of Obama paddleboarding in Hawaii. Has anything more perfect, more irresistible ever existed? Probably not. Former first lady Michelle Obama is one lucky woman, huh!



While President Donald Trump is busy, you know, declaring another war in the Middle East, Obama was getting some sun, sand, and relaxation in Hawaii, his home state. He's currently on vacation, taking a break from the madness that is American politics. During this long break, he was spotted riding a paddleboard wearing a pair of dark-colored swimming trunks. The photos that have surfaced from this particular day out on the water have sent quite a lot of women - and some men, of course - into quite the frenzy. But honestly, who could really blame them?



Later that same day, Obama enjoyed a date night with his wife, former first lady Michelle Obama. They had a sumptuous dinner at Ya-Ya’s Chophouse and Seafood, a local seafood restaurant. The following day, the restaurant uploaded a group photo of Obama with some of the staff and wrote, "Our chophouse just got a whole lot more Presidential. Last night, we were incredibly honored to welcome Barack Obama and his family into our restaurant where he dined on Chef Bo’s famous dishes! Mr. President, you will ALWAYS have a seat at our table. Come back soon." How sweet of them!



Reportedly, Obama’s sister Maya Soetoro-Ng and her family were also present at the intimate dinner. However, the Obama daughters were missing, perhaps back in the classroom after their winter break. In an interview with PEOPLE Magazine, the first lady once opened up about what it's like to live without their girls again. She said, "We’ve rediscovered all these little pockets of time, just me and Barack, that for a couple [of] decades have been filled with school events or sports practices. We’re taking full advantage of this new normal, simply spending time with each other and remembering what brought us together in the first place." This alone time has probably done the Obamas some good! If it means more shirtless pictures of our forever daddy - er, President - we don't mind.

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