Banana Succulents Are A Thing Now And They Look Almost Like The Fruit

Banana Succulents Are A Thing Now And They Look Almost Like The Fruit

Like most succulents, this is low maintenance, too, making it the perfect addition for your garden.

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There's just so much to learn when it comes to the world of succulents. With each passing day, there seems to be a new variant available in the market, and they're honestly as cute as it gets. The most recent one is a banana succulent, that grows strings of banana-like leaves, per Totally the bomb. The string of bananas (Senecio Radicans) is known to grow faster while being very easy to care for, states The Spruce. This particular succulent is said to be a part of the Asteraceae family, native to South Africa. The plant grows leaves that are shaped like bananas. Unfortunately, the color doesn't resemble a ripe one, rather it stays green, but it can pass off for an unripe one. 



If you hang it on a window, you can see the plant thrive and look like it is in need of a haircut, but you can also train the plant to grow upward, just like a money plant! Having said that, these plants will only grow in a warm climate, which means this is not frost-tolerant. Having said that, they are drought-tolerant and do not require regular fertilizing, repotting, or pruning. While the plant is fuss-free, it does require some light, as they do not grow well in low-light conditions. So, before you ignore it, make sure your plant gets some light, preferably somewhere that gets direct sunlight for at least 6 hours a day. 



However, direct sunlight or hot glasses will make your succulent burn, and that's not what you want, as Joy Us Garden says. As for watering the plant, the soil should be allowed to dry out completely before watering it again, which means every 2-3 weeks is a good ballpark. If you believe the temperature in your house is comfortable, then it'll be comfortable for your plants, too. This plant is perfect for someone who wants to delve into gardening but lacks a green thumb because this plant doesn't have to be fertilized regularly. If at all you want to give them a little nudge, then organic fertilizers such as worm compost, liquid kelp, or fish emulsion are recommended.



While they resemble the real fruit, it must be mentioned that these are not edible, and are mildly toxic to us. However, they are toxic for cats and dogs alike, so it's best to keep it out of their reach.  However, if you're seeking something unique that will instantly make you feel magical, then the Sedeveria pink ruby is perfect for you. This particular strain of succulents magically changes throughout the year from green to bright pink, according to Pop Sugar. Not everyone is fond of seeing the same regular old plants sitting in their gardens for years and that's when the 'pink ruby' succulent comes into play.



By changing its color throughout the year, it's sure to give you a run for your money. I'm sure you must be wondering how this 'magical' process works. Well, it's common for many succulents to change their color and turn pink or red when exposed to stressful or extreme conditions like a change in temperature, reduction in water levels, or the amount of sunlight. Now, if you want something cute and romantic, then here's a heart-shaped succulent you could give as a gift. These really do make a cute addition to your space, and it's easy to care for, just like most succulents, so if you wish to read more about this, click here


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