Bald Is BOLD: Bald Men Are Sexier And More 'Masculine', According To New Studies

Bald Is BOLD: Bald Men Are Sexier And More 'Masculine', According To New Studies

Men who have a bald look don't feel ashamed, they feel sexier and more masculine now, according to two new studies.

Gone are the days when a receding hairline meant a blow to a man's confidence. Once upon a time, men used to try every trick in the book to make sure they did not lose out on all their hair.  Bald men are now perceived as wildly attractive, according to a study, Shorn Scalps and Perceptions of Male Dominance by Albert E. Mannes. He opens the study by saying, "Across time and cultures, a thick mane has been associated with strength, youth, and virility and its absence with weakness, age, and impotence," reports Healthy Holistic Living.  Now, times are changing and bald men are a sign of confidence!


Steve McKeown, a psychoanalyst, and founder of MindFixers and the owner of The McKeown Clinic, said, "With the way we look in today’s society becoming even more prominent, men feeling a sense or normative discontent, it's even more important to fit a stereotype. Men, through the ages, have been suffering hair loss, research indicates that 50 percent of all men will experience some kind of male pattern baldness by the age of 50."


He continued, "It has also afforded terms like poor self-esteem, the perception of being ‘past it’ and depression. It’s no wonder, worldwide, men are forking out well over £4 billion trying to either stave off or hide the effects of hair loss." In the first study, men with shaved heads were found to be more dominant than men with heads full of hair, while in the second study, men whose hair was digitally removed were found to be more dominant, taller and stronger than their authentic selves.


McKeown continued, "It’s not all doom and gloom for hair loss sufferers. In a study, researchers have found there are positives gains psychologically, where bald men have been perceived more dominant, more confident and more masculine, stronger and taller. The study included a group of participants who would score photos of men with full heads of hair and another group that would score the same men, but with their hair computer digitally removed and because only their hair was adjusted any dissimilarities between the groups had to be due to baldness."


He added, "Researchers also wanted to ascertain whether this idea was consistent even when men were described in words with no photos were studied. This time they used men whereby their hair was just thinning but not completely bald. The researchers noted bald men were again perceived as more confident, dominant, masculine and stronger but men who were thinning or trying to hold on to their hair were worse off opposed to bald men or those with a full head of hair."



For most men, the process of balding is slow and excruciating. It can range from years, to even decades. It's not something that happens overnight. Studies show that by the age of 35, approximately 66% of men lose a considerable amount of hair, and by 55, almost 90% of men have incurred significant to total hair loss. If you're balding, chances are, you'll choose to shave whatever's left of your hair and keep it that way, which is why by 55 most men are completely bald (by choice).


Baldness in men has a lot to do with genetics. Research shows that the androgen receptor gene is implicated in male pattern baldness. The androgen receptor gene plays an important role in growth regulation. Being bald or going bald by choice, it's been proven that bald men are more confident and sexier than those who aren't. Even celebrities like Pitbull and The Rock have maintained a bald look for years and there are so many fans fawning over them for the way they look. 


Losing hair does not have to mean losing confidence. For men, it's when you're in the in-between stage that things get wobbly. Have you gone bald? No? Have you got a nice mane? No? That's when they get insecure about the way they look. But, like mentioned earlier, most people make a conscious choice to shave off their hair so that they can tell people it was their decision to go bald and nothing else, and trust me, that changes the way they look at themselves. 


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