Married Couple Had No Idea They Needed To Have Sex To Have A Baby, Reveals Nurse

Married Couple Had No Idea They Needed To Have Sex To Have A Baby, Reveals Nurse

This couple thought that babies arrived as a result of simply "being married" and had no clue that they needed to have sex for it.

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It would appear that this couple's respective parents didn't have the birds and the bees talk when they were growing up. As bizarre as it sounds, one married couple had no clue that they had to have sex in order to have a baby. They thought that babies just "came along."

59-year-old Rachael Hearson, who has worked as a midwife, nurse, and health visitor for over 40 years, made this revelation recently in her new book Handle With Care: Confessions of an NHS Health Visitor. She opened up about some of the weirdest encounters she has had while visiting the homes of families, one of them being about this particular couple who did not know how human reproduction worked. Thus, she was forced to teach the husband and wife about their own biology.

"They had been married for some years but children 'hadn't come along,'" Hearson told Mirror. "The GP deduced they didn't know how to make babies, and it was my job to ensure they did!" She continued, "They genuinely thought babies arrived as a result of simply 'being married' and had no clue. Teaching someone about sex is quite a responsibility. But within a couple of visits, the pair couldn't keep their hands off each other." 


Hearson shared that she has witnessed all sorts of unusual sexual behavior throughout her extensive career, including a time when a man masturbated right in front of her during one of her visits. Back then she was visiting a newborn baby and she witnessed the mother's 20-something boyfriend masturbating on a sofa. "Her boyfriend was an offender, and she was doing the partners’ course," Hearson explained. "I was in a conversation with his girlfriend, and there was a new baby to examine when I noticed some movement out of the corner of my eye. There it was – dear Lord! – the unmistakable rhythmic wrist action, so I turned my back to him. His girlfriend, puzzlingly, did not acknowledge the situation. He carried on as though we weren’t there; she carried on as though he wasn’t there; I kept calm and just... carried on."

In yet another uncomfortable encounter, she unknowingly visited a mother and her 18-month-old child in a brothel during a routine assessment of the child's development. "I was carrying the obligatory scales and assorted toys when I knocked at the door. I was ushered through to the kitchen, where I passed by the parlor room on the left, generally used as a dining room in the other terraced houses on the street. This one, however, was clearly 'the boudoir' occupied by a double bed and a couple 'at it,'" she shared.


The child, who was healthy and well-developed, was "clutching a copy of a gentleman’s magazine." Hearson quickly understood that the environment the child was staying in was a little out of the ordinary but revealed that she had seen much worse. "We would definitely be viewing things through a different lens in today’s climate," she said. "But Anthony appeared loved and happy. And I have visited much worse, believe me." Throughout her career, she had experienced all the hilarious, heartbreaking, and sometimes hairy moments. "It’s one of those professions that most people think is a bit of a non-job," she shared. "People often say, 'You just sit on sofas and drink tea, don’t you?' or 'It’s not like you’re a real nurse, in the hospital.' Well, let me assure you, we are real nurses! And unlike our amazing colleagues who continue to take the strain in the hospital fraternity, we are out there, on our own." 


Hearson, who comes from a not-so-well-to-do background, moved to London from Devon in July 1979 for a £200 ($279) a month course to train as a nurse. Even though the career choice meant leaving behind her dad, mom, and older sister, she continued with it because "Nursing immediately felt right. I had the inclination and aptitude and it provided a salary, which for a working-class girl like me was crucial." After completing three years at St. Bart's teaching hospital, Hearson began working as a midwife. In 1985 she married her long-time boyfriend J and gave birth to two beautiful children. In 1986 she trained at Plymouth Polytechnic to hone her skills as a nurse and specialize as a health visitor.



Then in 1996, she took up a master's course in health policy, planning, and financing but soon realized that management was not her cup of tea. "After six months I was back, full throttle, to the front line – and it is where I am still privileged to be today," she said, adding, "You get to meet absolutely everyone in our job. You may find yourself sitting cross-legged on the floor with an Afghan family or with a Polish family offering sweet treats – an interpreter at your side...We deal in the full human experience. We get to talk about and witness life in all its messy, fluctuating yet awesome majesty. And I wouldn’t swap it for all the tea in China."

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